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Device Care is having a feature that protects your phone from malware and threats called "Security". This is important if your phone has been affected by threats and malware. It scans around your phone and it's data including apps and system.

For New Samsung users:
If you've new samsung device, Go to Device Care > Security > Activate. This is important for securing the device from malware and threats

Security status and their meanings:

(🔵) Secure - Your phone is secure from malware and threats

(🟡) Scan Needed - Your phone notifies you to scan for the security in extended periods. Scan is needed.

(🔴) Unsafe & Threat found - It means there is a threat is in your phone or even a malware found. Uninstall an app that is having a malware on it. 


There are antivirus software available that keeps your phone from malware and threats. These apps are:

- Avast Mobile Security
- McAfee Mobile Security
- Kaspersky Antivirus
- Norton Mobile Security
- AVG Antivirus Free
- Avira Antivirus 2020