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Maybe you have opened a flyer from Staples or Bestbuy recently and have noticed a new name on the unlocked phones page. That's not ASUS or Acer, but not junk like RCA, Polaroid or Proscan. The once iconic Nokia brand has returned and now seeks for our wallets.

Fret not, the threat is minimal. No carriers carries the phone, and the Nokia 8 Sirocco has not touched the ground here. That might change with the penta-camera upcoming Nokia 9/10.

Looking at them, they offer solid specs for a solid price. The Nokia 6.1 at 400CAD gives you an all-metal Android One FHD device with a 4K-16MP camera to contemplate pictures on a sharp 5.5" FHD screen, all powered with the power efficient Snapdragon 630. This beats the Moto G6 to the ground mercilessly. The A5 2017 still has a few aces in it's sleeve with a FHD Super AMOLED panel coupled with water resistance, but otherwise is beaten specs wise by the 6.1.

Do you remember how the A series begun? I do. With a trio of thin phones built with the best materials out there, save for the screen, the camera and the processor. The idea of a midrange phone was completely changed. To see what I mean, search for Galaxy Core G386W / Galaxy Avant. Midrange didn't go better than this: decent, but just barely.

So my idea would be to do this:
1-Make an S series phone with a 16:9 screen ratio and metal unibody (cheaper than Infinity Display models, front FPS, to rival better on cheap flagships, yet not cannibalize the expensive premium+ line)
2- Make an Android One line of phones (Galaxy O, one model per year to keep it simple) with all hardware features from the A series
3- Price the A series more sensibly. A5 2017 sales were very very good. The A8 2018 is slowly gaining momentum, but only thanks to "Back to school" promotions. I think the A5 is targeted more towards moderately wealthy adults with simple needs for mobile devices (which worked, it's more popular than the S8), and the A8 is definitely targeting teens. I'd honestly keep both phones on the shelves, and not have one overtaking the other. Just, the price needs to be reduced for both (A5 at 350-375, A8 at 500-600) just to avoid being overshadowed by competitors (N6.1/XA2/XA2 Ultra/Moto G6/Moto Z2 Play/ASUS Zenfone 5 Lite/Z5Q for the A5, Moto Z3 Play/N6.1/P20 Lite/XZ2 Compact)

Obviously I'm no expert but I really wish my opinion gets taken into account. thank you

+If you guys do a metal phone, please make it a dark blue hue with blue or silver accents!

By the way, there's an ongoing sale of all Samsung phones except the Note 9. S8 is at 730, S8+ is 860, Note 8 is 1K and other promotions
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