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I've had my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge for less then a year and inconveniently I drop it and manage to crack the screen, it took me a few months to get it fix as it was an unexpected expense I needed to paid for especially when it cost around 315 dollars. I did some research on cheap ways to fix it and the most obvious was a 3rd party place where it would not guarantee the full potential of the phone after repair. I also stumble upon the US Samsung where it offers an Samsung Protection Plus where its a more convenient economic way in fixing our phones from external damages. now the question is when would Samsung Canada offers such service for us Samsung users? I know phone companies offer a similar idea but what about the people who buy straight of the Samsung page where can we get such service to guarantee a much better quality and use of our products with out having to pay over 300 to fix a crack screen.
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Woah!! $315 to get the screen fixed? Have you had the screen fixed yet? Did you get a device protection guarantee when you bought your phone? I don't know if Samsung offers a protection plus service however I would suggest taking your phone to the store where you bought it and find out if they can repair the screen or send the phone out for a much cheaper price.
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I'm paying for Samsung care but have not had the need yet to use it. although I'm having charger problems.