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I love the Galaxy Note 10 plus. As a Videographer, having a camera that's small and powerful is a dream come true. The Note 10 plus is able to capture the most beautiful photos and videos at any event. This is myself using the Note 10 plus as a secondary Video Camera at a wedding which I was hired. I wanted to test out its capabilities at this wedding and I was blown away with the footage.  The Note 10 plus paired with the dji mobile 3 gimbal is the best combo for videography.

Having an amazing camera that you can take everywhere and also fits inside your pocket is just perfect.

Do what you cant.


This is a video sample of some b-roll that I've made below.

The Note 10 works perfectly in low light situations and also maintains that dynamic range.

(view in My Videos)

Samsung FTW!!!!

Very excited for the new camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
108MP main, 48MP 10x optical, 12MP ultra wide.

Imagine all the amazing footage it can capture!!!

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awwh such a nice tribute to the newly weds!
CONGRATULATIONS to them! Very gorgeous out lay of wedding, the colors are very ambient!
Great job!