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📺Netflix recommendations?📺

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Hey Samsung Members, Party vector created by pch.vector - Quick question -what are some of the things you're currently watching on Netflix, or what are your favorite shows/movies on there? Essentially if you were to pick one show to r...

How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!

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How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!There seems to be quite a few new members & the question of how to enable the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles is being asked multiple times per week/day.. Maybe a Pinned Message in a really hard to miss pla...

Hot Topic - December 12th 2019

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Hey Samsung Members! Its been pouring lately, a lot of rain is just coming down. Stay warm everyone! I've also lost so many umbrellas like the clumsy person I im just going to use my hood from now on. Hope everyone is getting their holiday ch...

pixel line

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Bought the 75 inch QLED90 For $5000 and some change... Warranty expired 31/10/2019.. now go figure a a thin Blue vertical pixel line and a thin black horizontal line have now appeared on my screen.... Contacting Samsung was useless.. basically said I...


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Lave-vaisselle Samsung DW80M9960US. Dans le livre d’instructions de l’appareil on me dit que trois voyants sont disponibles sur l’écran. verrouillage du tableau de commande Auto-nettoyage Remplissage de produit de rinçage. Pour le no 1, ça marche. Co...

Posted by: Gaudetr
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Help please

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How come I am unable to play a song and record it with the voice recorder at the same time I am currently trying to use Google Play and the voice recorder at the same time so I can record the song and then use it as a ringtone.

MD5 Decrypting

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Does anyone know how to decrypt MD5 hashes, or know someone who does, or where I can find someone who could help me decrypt MD5 hashes and automate the process? I need this for the Updates List and it's very important.

CONTACTS LOST-Change S Account email? Resolved!

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I recently realized I forgot to change my S Account email and I wish to change it to my new address. Only problem is, I can't find the option to do that change. Anyone knows where I can do that? TIA.(It's probably right under my nose...

One UI 2 link

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Hi,I got a error when i click to scheduled installation of One UI 2. I don't think it's normal. Am i alone with this?

Posted by: B0real
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SamMobile Quiz 12/7/2019

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Weekly SamMobile Quiz 3 – Come test your Samsung knowledge! Take the Quiz My score: 7/10 Correct answers! You know more than most and you should be proud of that!

Posted by: Cprice
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Cable box on/ off recognition by TV

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I have what I think is an odd problem but hopefully someone can help. I have a brand new Series 7 UHD TV and a Pace cable box from Cogeco Canada. If the cable box is set to come on and record while the TV is off (a late night or early morning recordi...

I love you guys

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I love all of the Samsung users out there l will help anyone else out there and I will not be mean so if anyone needs help I'll be available

Posted by: JJ5858
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SD cards manipulation (how to) Resolved!

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You can also read this article to complete your knowledge on how to choose your new Micro SD card, Now here are the recommended manipulations for handling it. Good reading Better viewing in your favorite browser there :


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Hot Topic - December 5th 2019

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Hey Samsung Members! THIS IS IT! Its a few more days until the holidays, and my brain is going full holiday mode right now - what would make it perfect would be just a few centimeters of snow ;_; Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us here in Vancouve...