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How to sanitize your Galaxy device

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Hey Samsung Members, Cleaning your phone is as important as washing your hands. For the device that spends the better part of the day with you, here are some safe and effective ways to clean your Galaxy smart phone. Find out more information regardin...

Show your love for Galaxy Contest!

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Hey Samsung Members! It's time to announce the next Contest! This one is titled Show your love for Galaxy! Share with us your love for Galaxy devices with a picture or video! The contest is a rather short one - from Jan 15 - 22, 2020. Please check ou...

Ask an Expert OPEN NOW!

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Hey Samsung Members, The Ask an Expert is open NOW! Ask any questions related to Samsung products and services and we'll respond fast. Go here: Hap...

📺Netflix recommendations?📺

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Hey Samsung Members, Party vector created by pch.vector - Quick question -what are some of the things you're currently watching on Netflix, or what are your favorite shows/movies on there? Essentially if you were to pick one show to r...

How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!

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How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!There seems to be quite a few new members & the question of how to enable the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles is being asked multiple times per week/day.. Maybe a Pinned Message in a really hard to miss pla...

navor have i ever

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Never have I ever pinch myself in the door. Never have I ever eating bugs. Never have I ever growing tree. Never have I ever got Victory Royale. Never have I ever bought an Xbox.

Criteria for posting???

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It's to my understanding that this site has everything to do with Samsung?? But recently I had a comment asking that I not post my digital artwork that I create with Samsung Galaxy devices. Just to be clear almost 99.9% of my photos and or digital ar...

What I wish Samsungs widgets looked like

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Having another option to make the black and white widgets match the colour of the app icon they represent would look really nice. I'm aware these look similar to iOS, but apple made really nice uniform widgets in iOS 14.

Posted by: JohnH
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Camera access issue. Resolved!

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Completely out of the blue....when I click on my camera icon to simply take a says "Security policy restricts use of camera" . I haven't changed a single is 2 weeks old...what the H is going on here..?

👻 Hot Topic - October 23rd 2020 👻

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Hey Samsung Members! I hope everyone is doing well! Let’s check out some of the highlights of the week below! HOT POST #1 Interested in how other users have customized their device using Good Lock? @Cibi has shared a picture of their customized locks...


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How do I ensure my location is constantly on, I have ran through all app settings and everything yet it keeps turning off once I close an app? Any help is appreciated

S10 plus Screen tilted green

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I am using s10 plus since 1 year and its a great mobile phone, but suddenly i few days ago its screen tilted green and its very annoying specially in low light anyone suggest any solution? Should i wait for a software update? Its currently on ONE UI ...

Type C Adaptor

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So i have a samsung a50 but my 3.5mm headjack doesnt work even though its the first time using it, does a Type C - Aux adaptor work? Wondering if it works before i buy one.

Posted by: EddieRG
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How to put the mobile data in quick settings? Plss help me

Posted by: Emps
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Salut, Sur ma télévision QN55Q70TAFXZC lorsque ma programmation de l'Ambient mode que j'ai mis de 10am a 10pm, après quelque chose comme 10minutes il lance le samsung tv plus. J'ai cherché dans les configurations mais je n'ai rien trouvé :(.

galaxy buds plus battery life drain

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I've had these for a couple of months. initially the battery life was stellar but recently it's been draining like crazy ..barely beating my original buds (which I still have ) right now I've been using them for four hours and there's 30 percent left...

Defective fridge Model # - Rf23HCEDBSR/AA

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We received fridge January 2016. With multiple service calls the problems we've experienced have not been resolved. The ice maker freezes up, loud buzzing noises as back panel freezes up causing fan blade to hit ice, irregular temperatures inside fri...

Posted by: Cgogo
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Galaxy z fold 2 front display fonts

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Was curious if possible or it can be implemented having the adjustment of font size change for the main 6.4" display seperate from the inner display of the Z fold 2?Also will one UI 3.0 beta be available soon for the Z fold 2 in Canada?

Posted by: Sheckie
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finger print sensor

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One of the best decisions I ever made about a phone is choosing "Samsung ultra note 20". However, I have to mention the fingerprint sensor is taking too long to recognize my identity. Before, I used an iPhone and one plus; both phones unlock faster t...

Wifi connection soundbar to TV

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Hello, I have a SAMSUNG Soundbar S60T and a SAMSUNG 7 Series 65. I want to connect soundbar to TV with WiFi, but can't see Soundbar in audio device list. Bluetooth is working, HDMI ARC too. Please help me!!!