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📺Netflix recommendations?📺

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Hey Samsung Members, Party vector created by pch.vector - Quick question -what are some of the things you're currently watching on Netflix, or what are your favorite shows/movies on there? Essentially if you were to pick one show to r...

How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!

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How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!There seems to be quite a few new members & the question of how to enable the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles is being asked multiple times per week/day.. Maybe a Pinned Message in a really hard to miss pla...


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do anybody have any idea that how many days would samsung take to ship the gifts and do we get any confirmation after sending our details?

A blast from the past

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This morning I was cleaning out my storage room and come across an old Samsung phone I had totally forgotten about, does anybody remember the Samsung SCH-R351?

Posted by: Cprice
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How to change font colour on S8+

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Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the font colour on the S8+ without downloading the themes app? I changed my wallpaper and it's a lighter background so it blends in with the white font. Thanks in advance!

Posted by: CeeKay
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Community Posting Policy

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I was just looking at the Community Posting Policy and was expecting to only see Samsung's Posting Policy - I was surprised to see a bunch of posts by members that were totally unrelated to Samsung's posting policy - Just an observation 😊🐧

QLED TV networking issues tv is 1 month old

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Hi I have To unplug my One Connect power cable in order to completely remove power from the unit. The reason for this is that my network apps like Netflix and YouTube will randomly not connect with the internetits not the routerI upgraded to the last...

Posted by: CDM
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Switch from Sony to Samsung

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So my wife's t.v. which she bought 3 years ago for her daycare started failing, it would show the solarization on the tv where it shows white xray picture. Her mom and dad were insisting her to buy another Sony and decided to research and let her kno...

Ask a question

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Is the Ask A Question feature actually read by Samsung staff? I've been trying to get an answer on something but keep getting boilerplate/Template like responses. This is ridiculous for a company the size of Samsung and I am not very happy about that...

Posted by: smhk
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Level Box Pro Quick Review

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After a few long weeks and lots of checking on the UPS app, the Level Box Pro that I was selected for came!The boxing was very neat and tidy, secure but not overkill, and inconspicuous (wasn't able to be there for the delivery, so had UPS leave it by...

Gear Sport Smartwatch Review

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After using my new Gear Sport watch for about a month now I can say that this watch is great for all kinds of functions. You can use it for sports with the silicone band included or even make it look classy with a nice stainless steel band (got mine ...


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I don't know what Samsung user's think about all these new smartphones coming out with notches on the top screen, guess to have the appearance of more screen, well it is more screen, but looks like a defect in manufacturing, but for me I really disli...

Posted by: Mattie
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Samsung Experience Store events

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if you haven't been to a Samsung Experience Store the S9 launch is a good reason to check one out. there are launch events/activities taking place across the 6 stores. Click the link and select a store near you to RSVP.

Posted by: Steve01
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Gift recieved!

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So as promised, the gift (Level Box Pro) from Samsung arrived today. About a week after I was selected to recieve it, which is quite fast.I have downloaded the Samsung level app as advised by fellow Samsung members. It's easy to use as I just turned ...

Posted by: IBGS9
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