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How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!

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How to Enable Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles!There seems to be quite a few new members & the question of how to enable the Mobile Data & Hot Spot Toggles is being asked multiple times per week/day.. Maybe a Pinned Message in a really hard to miss pla...


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I wish that samsung galaxy can be use as a fax too. The cost of use can be what it cost the same as we make a phone call. I mean if I have a fax to send to a local number, the cost is free. If I send a fax to long distance well it can be the long dis...

bluetooth problem

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My bluetooth speaker would connect perfectly to my laptop and all of a sudden it just stopped connecting. Wont even show my bluetooth speaker when I turn it on. What do I do?

Uploading pictures

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Everytime I try to upload a picture it doesn't respond to my request to look at my album ...why it's slow unresponsive ??? What's going on

Bluetooth problems

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I have a fitbit alta hr and I want to connect it so I can use the app but it won't say the name or when I try to connect it it says error occurred pls help

No wifi??

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I can only use a wired connection on my samsung 60' 3D TV. Does anyone know why this is? It's always been like that.


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How do I get my phone to stop going dark in the middle of a video.Like I will be watching a video and the screen times out and goes dark.


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I've had to Samsung VR since it was first introduced at one point the phone cast was working absolutely perfect I then upgraded to the S8 Plus and I have not been able to use phone cast to use any applications whatsoever Samsung as usual has zero cus...

Posted by: slurp
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déconnexion du blutooth

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Jai toujours des déconnexion quand le téléphone ce connecte au wifi j'arrive pas à maintenir la connexion avec mon plt légende En communication ca déconnecté.

Posted by: gamoudi
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