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QR Code

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What QR code app you use with your phone, now that this feature is almost a requirement in this pandemic. thanks!

Posted by: ericjp
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[A10] Screen Recording Feature

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Hi I just discovered that my friend (A Samsung user as well) has a Screen Recording feature on his phone but I don't. I always update my phone's software but I still don't have it. Can somebody help me with this problem or is it because of my phone's...

Posted by: justcto
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Samsung J4+

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Is there another software update for Samsung J4+ ? If so, what is the upgrade and when it will took place for the upgrade? Thanks.

Broken Screen

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Ask Ko lang po magkano magagastos ko? Nahulog kasi kahapon galaxy a50 sa trycicle :< napipindot panaman sya ng ma ayos as in ma ayos kaso may basag feeling ko yung harap nya lang papalitan posible po kaya yon? Yung glass nya lang palitan wag na LCD? ...

Samsung S20

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Is it possible to use my S20 to measure body temperature? Is any apps available that gives accurate measurements?

Posted by: Lee81
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Home desk setup (Shot by Galaxy A71)

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I would like to share with you my not so expensive setup. This is used for game streaming and video editing. Present in the picture is my Legion 5 then my decade-old but very dependable Samsung TFT LCD monitor and to the rightmost is my Galaxy A6. I ...

OS Update

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To those asking which phones will get a 3 set update. 😊

Samsung Health Step Counter Suggestion

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May we request samsung to include the option to manually update step target on Samsung Health app. This is to cater users with walking impairment and those who are recovering from the said condition as they are taking baby steps for this. It will be ...

Posted by: kcrix
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Today is raining,

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I'm under the roof, I'm "protected" by the rain, whereas, rain never committed any crime. How can we make laws and argue, when the most essential for the good-cause of human condition doesn't belong to these "economically viable."Are we moving forwar...

Posted by: Aeaxe
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