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Screen Recorder

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it's sad how Galaxy M31 doesn't have the screen recording feature, when it is also on One UI 2.0 😔😔😔we're just stuck on using the game launcher for the screen recording, and it's not that helpful 'cos you cannot add all the apps

Past installed updates Resolved!

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Do you know this is my J6 last installed software updates last month ago. What does the meaning called "Improved stability. - Call app"? I hope samsung having software updates such as improving the security of device or another features. Thanks🙂

C is the key: Explaining USB Type-C

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C is the key: Explaining USB Type-CFor years, people have grown accustomed to using USB ports for almost all of their devices. Whether you need to charge your phone using your computer or use a controller to play games, you can always count on a USB ...

a50s problem

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Hello! I'm in need of help, my phone (a50s) keeps on turning black then displays the samsung logo while I'm using it. This isnthe 4th time it happened within 24 hours.


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What is the meaning of sotfware hard backeup? I noticed that there is something malicious happening to my phone when I reconnected to the internet. Please help me what will I do. I think there is someone hacked the wifi internet information, the sad ...

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