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Indonesian members of Samsung members who were present there were not representatives who came from Indonesia, they did not join the unpacked global competition, they got an invitation, and they just entered Samsung Members because they joined the event.IMG-20190807-WA0001.jpg



In the picture it is stated that the winner is determined based on: the suitability of the theme, loyalty to Samsung and content creativity. Winners do not enter the competition, just joined the Samsung members and certainly not creative people. then who is creative? The creative team is Samsung Indonesia, they can call **bleep** winners, and make **bleep** shows so smooth. Why? because the team made the event a month earlier, which certainly caused a failure because it was impossible as soon as it could get a visa to America and the team easily stated that all participants did not have a visa. so the team thinks it's not our fault, but because you don't have a visa. a perfect game, but it eventually becomes flawed. I think the team's actions are very detrimental to the participants, they have tried to show their love for Samsung, but the participants did not know they were trapped in the Samsung Indonesia team game. The Samsung team was obliged to make a competition, to look for representatives, but the Samsung team knew that the schedule was very tight, so they created this "game". at the expense of participants they make "games" for the sake of completing the task. if this error is made in a team manner, then the team must apologize in an open forum, besides writing also WITH video. the officials involved must also apologize without exception. Even if there is a Korean person, if he is wrong, then he must apologize. if you don't want to apologize there's no problem, but I think there will be many who are disappointed and could be detrimental to Samsung Indonesia, why? it could be that they are fed up with the Samsung brand and eventually they move to other brands. Samsung throws away money and makes the event harmful to its own brand. Want to know who is lucky? Samsung Team! they get a salary and enjoy the facilities, and they don't care whether Samsung will grow or go bankrupt!, as long as they get a salary and have finished the job. Be careful Samsung do not make a service that actually harms you. I must make this article so that it becomes a lesson for Samsung Global and a form of my concern for Samsung