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YouTube Premium + 4 free months

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Has anyone redeemed this offer with their new device? Since I've done the 1 month free trial before, it's not giving me the option to 'try it free'. Am I disqualified from the offer even though I just got the Note 10+ today? The way the ToS reads it ...

Thank You So Much Sabrina!

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I was one of the winners for the July Members Mondays and since I didn't have the compatible devices, Sabrina was able to have a substitution for me which was a 2018 iconXs! Can't wait for them to show up! 👌😊Thanks again!

Posted by: ZMAHD
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Samsung Music

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Hi, I just bought my Samsung S8. I read an ad mentioning that it will include free music. Thanks for any help on how to do it. Best

Posted by: cdelval
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s10 512gb.

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Got 2 new s10 512gb today from promotion sale on Apr 26-28. What a deal thanks Samsung for $480 saving. Very happy with the phone now.

Posted by: QP
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YouTube Premium Promo

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The link on the Samsung Members app says get 4 months free, but when you click on the link and it takes you to the YouTube app, it says only 2 months free when you sign up, which one is correct?

Posted by: Gemini
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Payment Methods!

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Hello everyone, im having difficulty with Samsung pay.I wanted to add my 15$ google play card on samsung pay so i can buy something on Fortnite! If you have any suggestions then please let me know!

Canadian S10 users

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Anyone else super pissed that Canada was excluded from the Galaxy Bud bonus offer? It's like, Samsung says sure, well take outrageous amounts of your money, but only give the bonuses to everyone else. I'm sorry, rant over. I just hate when Canadian g...