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Canadian S10 users

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Anyone else super pissed that Canada was excluded from the Galaxy Bud bonus offer? It's like, Samsung says sure, well take outrageous amounts of your money, but only give the bonuses to everyone else. I'm sorry, rant over. I just hate when Canadian g...

Next Promotion?

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Does anyone know when Samsung have another promotion beside trade in program when buying a s10? I dont want to trade in my old phone and wanted buy it outright. Thanks.

Posted by: QP
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I received an email from OneDrive that my bonus storage is 100gb is expired after 3 years. I have over 40gbs of data in it they are asking to purchase it otherwise they will delete my data! And whats rubbish I thought that was free forever! I am usin...

Posted by: Farhan1
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Did anyone get selected for Unpacked?

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Hi everyone, I was scrolling through the threads today and was surprised no one posted anything about The Unpacked Selection, I wanted to know if the winners were reached, if they were Congrats! If no one's been reached yet still have my fingers cros...

Posted by: ZMAHD
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