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show your LOVE for GALAXY

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Took this photo to remember our first wedding anniversary. I love the camera, it captures every detail and the super slow motion in my Note10+ is awesome. The best phone I ever have. Switching to Samsung is a great Choice and will stay a samsung memb...

Posted by: Bing168
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No link for you tube promo

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I click into the YouTube promo the have here on Samsung members for a 4 month free trial and there is no option to actually access this promotion. Anyone else having this issue? Also anyone know how to access this promo?


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Wondering if anyone can explain why (i) a running widget just remove itself from my home page and (ii) I cannot find it in the widget library. Specifically this happened with the MyTelus app. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No change. Widget cannot be f...

Posted by: KiliMan
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Trade in value

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So I was thinking about trading in my Galaxy s9+ (absolute mint) and putting the trade in amount towards a Note 10+ Did Samsung seriously just quote my device at a value of $202.00??? (Paid $1300.00 for it less than a year ago)Bahaha Is that really a...

Posted by: gerryjh
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For skme reason I can not redeem youtube premium 4 month free. I have s10+, live in canada and never got YouTube premium before. I only see 1 month free. What should I do?

Website URL Update Resolved!

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Luckily, though my pc seems to have croaked, I have used the Leia app to build my website so I should be able to keep it running with just my Samsung!

Thank you Samsung!

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Never won anything in any contests before. Thank you Samsung! I swear, at times I feel like leaving Samsung to try out other phones. But then this community and it's members keeps me coming back. Don't want to lose out on Samsung Members.

Posted by: Dayim
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YouTube Premium

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So, I see there is 2 month free YouTube premium but no way to redeem this offer. It says to click on view details but there's no button. Anyone tried this?

Posted by: Jay777
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What does it take for Samsung do finally rewards those of us that spend $ and have been loyal for years. ❗❗❗Loyalty points or loyalty $ to be spent on future Samsung purchase would be a smart business move⁉️