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Thank you samsung for a free spc membership for a year. I have a daughter going in University, so this is actually neat! #membermondays

Posted by: ybur05
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YouTube Premium + 4 free months

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Has anyone redeemed this offer with their new device? Since I've done the 1 month free trial before, it's not giving me the option to 'try it free'. Am I disqualified from the offer even though I just got the Note 10+ today? The way the ToS reads it ...

Thank You So Much Sabrina!

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I was one of the winners for the July Members Mondays and since I didn't have the compatible devices, Sabrina was able to have a substitution for me which was a 2018 iconXs! Can't wait for them to show up! 👌😊Thanks again!

Posted by: ZMAHD
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Samsung Music

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Hi, I just bought my Samsung S8. I read an ad mentioning that it will include free music. Thanks for any help on how to do it. Best

Posted by: cdelval
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s10 512gb.

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Got 2 new s10 512gb today from promotion sale on Apr 26-28. What a deal thanks Samsung for $480 saving. Very happy with the phone now.

Posted by: QP
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YouTube Premium Promo

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The link on the Samsung Members app says get 4 months free, but when you click on the link and it takes you to the YouTube app, it says only 2 months free when you sign up, which one is correct?

Posted by: Gemini
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Payment Methods!

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Hello everyone, im having difficulty with Samsung pay.I wanted to add my 15$ google play card on samsung pay so i can buy something on Fortnite! If you have any suggestions then please let me know!