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Did anyone get selected for Unpacked?

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Hi everyone, I was scrolling through the threads today and was surprised no one posted anything about The Unpacked Selection, I wanted to know if the winners were reached, if they were Congrats! If no one's been reached yet still have my fingers cros...

Posted by: ZMAHD
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Samsung Pay Promo

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So there's a Samsung Pay promotion that started today at 8am EST, but there's no way to register for it.In the terms and conditions it says to register for the promo in the Samsung Pay app, but it's not there.So how do we register?

Posted by: Cprice
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More Samsung Pay Promos!

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I saw these on the Samsung Canada Offer page, unfortunately I'm not with any of these banks but for anyone that is there are lots of prizes to win!

Samsung pay promotions bummer

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I've done 3 transaction and they didn't even register in the samsung pay promotion for the iconx... 3 transaction with more than 10 in between hard to win when samsung pay doesn't register... I've found out this morning that the promotion is also fin...

Posted by: MAP
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Samsung Promotions

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Wow! Where do you guys get this kind of promotion and give away. An icon x on samsung pay promotions... This forum is loyal to its users.. i didn't see this promotions on XPERIA LOUNGE before for 5 years.. lol. I don't care about software updates if ...


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Please update Samsung S7 Face Unlock, and Android P update is available or not in Samsung S7

Posted by: ishu
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Cineplex promo deadline not honoured

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I went to use samsung pay today for the 10th time during the Cineplex promo, only to find they finished the promo 2 days early because of the limited stock.Well, this sucks. If you specify the end date of a promo, you should honour that.

Posted by: Zaptor
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Samsung S8 Wireless Charger

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Wondering if anyone can answer this?I signed up with Telus for a $0 down S8 when it first came out. Am I eligible for the free wireless charger that I've been reading about? If so, how do I go abouts claiming it?Thanks advance for any replies. Cheers