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Please update Samsung S7 Face Unlock, and Android P update is available or not in Samsung S7

Posted by: ishu
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Cineplex promo deadline not honoured

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I went to use samsung pay today for the 10th time during the Cineplex promo, only to find they finished the promo 2 days early because of the limited stock.Well, this sucks. If you specify the end date of a promo, you should honour that.

Posted by: Zaptor
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Samsung S8 Wireless Charger

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Wondering if anyone can answer this?I signed up with Telus for a $0 down S8 when it first came out. Am I eligible for the free wireless charger that I've been reading about? If so, how do I go abouts claiming it?Thanks advance for any replies. Cheers

Samsung Pay Amazon promo

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I completed the requirement to add a new card and was told to check my email for the Amazon promo. After days of not getting it I found it was because my Google drive was full and I was not receiving any email. Now I've got no way to get the promo co...

Posted by: BCSC
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