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The Note 20 Redemption TV not yet coming

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( Updated ) Today call Samsung, they said this month they will arrange the TV to all of who's last month didn't get the TV...hope they won't let us disappointed for our expectation again la... Promise said will delivery in 30days after approved, toda...

Note20 TV redemption

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I just call the Samsung, they will contact us about the TV delivery confirmation, then we need wait for courier service to contact us again to arrange the TV delivery ( confirm the date time or will sekali gus delivery the TV to other lucky guy at th...

[UPDATE] Note 20 tv redemption promo

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So, those who are waiting for the call from customer care for delivery address confirmation, it seems we wont receive any call from them. See image.Not sure how sure the agent was with the replies. If it's true, then TV's are on the way, or soon will...

Posted by: Visva11
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Hari Kebangsaan special offers

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Sanitizing Service

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I heard about this service for quite some time now thinking that you would end up having to pay for something but i was very, very wrong. I went to the Samsung shop in Shah Alam and i was greeted very nicely and they explained what they did and it on...

Don't disturb me...

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Please do not disturb my life with promotions about NOTE20 Ultra using Exynos 990. I like Note phone but I don't like stupid Exynos 990 processor (Sorry for the rough language). I use Note phone since Note7 to Note10 Plus. So I know the problem with ...