I think it would be nice the Samsung members app would work full screen when using Samsung Dex. 

I know I could use the web version, but using the app saves from having to login all the time.

P.S. I think it would make sense that Samsung's own apps should be all compatible with Samsung Dex.
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well we all want something dont we, I want dark mode in this app but they aren't giving us that so
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Samsung Members was running full screen on my tablet Galaxy Tab S4 in DEX mode BEFORE the update of the application, I already complain about it...It was also running full screen mode even when i was connecting the tablet on a big screen...

Now I have to go on the Samsung Members website to see it full screen but it's not the same....it was better landscape mode in the application..

I am waiting for PIE to check if they put it like before for this tablet because I hate to use the new Samsung Members application in landscape mode with DEX