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Samsung dex and phone at 100

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I have a quick question about using samsun dex and having the phone charged. While i am using a portable monitor and using dex via usbc and power bank, the phone charges. If i use dex all day the phone will be at 100%, . Will this affect my phone bat...

Posted by: Oloap
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Stop Samsung Internet from opening Apps

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I'd like to set samsung internet to open only webpages and not apps. When I type it opens the amazon app, if I google "amazon" and click on the link for it will also open the Amazon app. Is there a away to disable this without u...

photos won't text S10

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Help. Up till yesterday I was able to add a picture from my camera and it send attached to a text. Now it wants to send the picture in MMS setting. Neither pictures or text is visible to the recipient. can anyone tell me what I need to change to rese...

Google Chrome issues with Dex

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Current setupDex station EE-MG950Galaxy Note 10+MonitorDex launches on monitor as expected Launching and using Chrome when the phone screen times out is problematic.For example, Plug phone into stationLet the phone screen timeout Launch Chrome in DEX...

Samsung Dex police pilot

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Chicago police to employ Samsung’s DeX in-vehicle solution After Colorado deputies, Chicago police are employing Samsung’s technologies to give officers on patrol better resources. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is rolling out a pilot program fo...

DeX Setups

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Hi folks. Anyone using DeX care to share their setups? I'm about to get the Note 10+ and am wondering if anyone has cables/hubs they recommend. I know Samsung has their own but I'm sure there's some good aftermarket options.

Samsung Dex for Windows and Mac

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Samsung DeX app now available for Windows and Mac The Samsung DeX app is now available for Windows and Mac. The app allows users to connect the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ to their computer and use a desktop experience powered by their phone. ...

Samsung Dex Live trademark

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Samsung files ‘Dex Live’ trademark, hinting at possible Galaxy Note 10 feature A European trademark application reveals the wireless iteration of Samsung’s DeX software might come soon. We would not be surprised to see ‘DeX Live’ makes its debut on t...

gamepad and DEX

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There is an issue with bluetooth gamepad that when DEX is loaded with the phone acting as a trackpad and the screen turns off after inactivity, the gamepad no longer functions as it should. Note that screen timeout has no effect. Is there any fix or ...

Posted by: meep
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Samsung DeX issue**please help

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Hello everyone,I've been using samsung dex for about 5 months now and recently started having 2 issues.1) When I'm in browser and trying to upload a file. When I click the location of the file, it crashes. But when I remove it from the DeX, I'm able ...

Posted by: NasJiJi
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Samsung DeX Laptop Dock

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Absolutely Love Samsung DeX but I would love it if Samsung offered more mobility options. Been using the HP Elite X3 lapdock since I updated to One UI and can't help but think Samsung is missing a massive opportunity. Instead of waiting FOREVER for o...