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#Suggestion / Samsung Members & Samsung Dex

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I think it would be nice the Samsung members app would work full screen when using Samsung Dex. I know I could use the web version, but using the app saves from having to login all the time.P.S. I think it would make sense that Samsung's own apps sho...

Posted by: Cprice
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Samsung DeX Laptop Dock

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Absolutely Love Samsung DeX but I would love it if Samsung offered more mobility options. Been using the HP Elite X3 lapdock since I updated to One UI and can't help but think Samsung is missing a massive opportunity. Instead of waiting FOREVER for o...

Opinion on samsung Dex?

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I am just wondering what do people think about the Samsung Dex is it worth getting because I am thinking about possibly purchasing one in the future. I just want To see what people think and people's opinions on them . Also how does the software work...

adobe flash play

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the samsung browser doesn't able to open some sites or videos because he doesn't support the adobe flash play so we can't use the samung dex always.................... ...... . .. .

The 2 DeX stations

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The Note 9 and the S10 line up, You wont be needing these two DeX stations anymore. Samsung has enabled USB-C to HDMI cables to activate DeX desktop. The hockey puck and the mouse pad DeX stations. The benefits of these stations are one stands up and...

Posted by: defconphil
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