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Does enyone know when Samsung plans to update the accessory list in the health section and more so from the north American area. It seems the items listed are not available in north America.

Posted by: blue693
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Food Entry needs barcode scanning

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Food entry needs to have barcode scanning to lookup foods. It's sad that I need to connect this app to MyFitnessPal in order to have better Food Tracking data. This is a feature that both FitBit and MyFitnessPal have had for years.


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I used to be able to delete foods to keep my lists shorter and more efficient, but the option appears to be no longer available. (I have tried swiping and holding).

Posted by: Kfrog
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I don't have anyone I know that uses Samsung Health. I need buddies some can motivate each other. I'm new to this app. Any suggestions is appreciated. How can I add people

Posted by: Shelley
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Samsung health app

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Hello I am new to Samsung devices and have a s9 and a new galaxy watch. I enjoy the Samsung health app but everyone I know seems to have a iso device. I am looking for friends for the together challenges. Anyone interested let me know or you can look...

Posted by: Bradls
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Samsung Health bug

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Whenever I start a running exercise the app stops counting my steps. I have gone on a run for 4 km and when I got back I basically had the same number of steps. My cadence showed I had approximately 3500 steps but for the day I ended with 3000.

suggestion dark thème

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HelloI have noticed that Galaxy wearable watch part is dark thème but not for earbuds side. Also it'd be interesting to get dark mode for Samsung health. Sometimes I will check health in morning or before sleeping and it'd be more pleasing to see in ...

Posted by: Bing
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Good day Samsung Health they're cheater in S Health. I hope you will take care of that person and get rid of it. They have the same face, and he is a bit big to be walking or running that much and the same name. You can see that he's a cheater. Start...

Posted by: Jackmay
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Elliptical training - calories

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Hello, I've realized that the app does not calculate the calories properly anymore (last time used was over a year ago). It states abput 400 calories for a 60 minutes session where I also had a HRM attached to my body. On my machine itself, it states...

Posted by: DK3
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