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Samsung health app

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Hello I am new to Samsung devices and have a s9 and a new galaxy watch. I enjoy the Samsung health app but everyone I know seems to have a iso device. I am looking for friends for the together challenges. Anyone interested let me know or you can look...

Posted by: Bradls
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App Idea

Posted in: Samsung Health

I have an idea for an app. Its Humanitarian based, me having little to no access to anything technology related, I am not in a position to develop this App. That being said, I think it's a great idea for an App. Any suggestions are appreciated as to ...

Samsung Health bug

Posted in: Samsung Health

Whenever I start a running exercise the app stops counting my steps. I have gone on a run for 4 km and when I got back I basically had the same number of steps. My cadence showed I had approximately 3500 steps but for the day I ended with 3000.

suggestion dark thème

Posted in: Samsung Health

HelloI have noticed that Galaxy wearable watch part is dark thème but not for earbuds side. Also it'd be interesting to get dark mode for Samsung health. Sometimes I will check health in morning or before sleeping and it'd be more pleasing to see in ...

Posted by: Bing
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Posted in: Samsung Health

Good day Samsung Health they're cheater in S Health. I hope you will take care of that person and get rid of it. They have the same face, and he is a bit big to be walking or running that much and the same name. You can see that he's a cheater. Start...

Posted by: Jackmay
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Elliptical training - calories

Posted in: Samsung Health

Hello, I've realized that the app does not calculate the calories properly anymore (last time used was over a year ago). It states abput 400 calories for a 60 minutes session where I also had a HRM attached to my body. On my machine itself, it states...

Posted by: DK3
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02 Sensor

Posted in: Samsung Health

What happened to the o2 sensor in Samsung Health. I have health issues and used this regularly... please bring it back

Posted by: Askm76
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