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S Health steps not syncing with MFP

Posted in: Samsung Health

Since the latest update of S Health a few days ago, the steps are no longer syncing with MFP. Have tried every possible advice on the web (disconnect, connect, force stop, uninstall, restart phone...) but nothing seems to fix it. Anyone has managed t...

Step Count Cheaters!!

Posted in: Samsung Health

Can someone please do something about all the step count cheaters in samsung health. It is impossible to take 180,000 steps in 18 hours!!!! Participating in the monthly together maps is fun, but not if the top rankers are constantly cheating! Please ...

Heart rate type gauge missing

Posted in: Samsung Health

Hi! I updated the software for my Samsung Active 2 watch yesterday and now my heart rate widget is missing the heart rate type (resting, moderate, etc) gauge that circles around the edges of the watch face (like the step counter and the sleep tracker...

Heart rate zones

Posted in: Samsung Health

Is there anyway we can set our own heart rate zones in the health app ?? The zones are put for me, so I'm in zone 5 for most of my running, it would be most helpful if I could set the zones !!

Posted by: Habby39
Beginner Level 3

Cheaters or bots

Posted in: Samsung Health

I absolutely love samsung health it makes me more active but there is cheaters or bots in samsung health in the monthly challenges because when i joined this today there was someone way past 100000 steps star and the month literally just started toda...

Posted by: User24
Active Level 3

Health app loses more abilities

Posted in: Samsung Health

Really disappointed to lose weight management in Samsung Health after the most recent update. There is no real incentive for me to stay with Samsung when I next update my phone and watch. It's been a good, long relationship 😔. I just don't understan...

Guide audio Samsung Health

Posted in: Samsung Health

Bonjour Le guide audio de Samsung Health ne me donne plus mon rythme à chaque km comme avant je n'ai que la donnée de rythme cardiaque et de nombre estimé de km. Est-ce possible d'avoir ma donné de rythme comme avant et comment ?

Posted by: Tousign
Beginner Level 2