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Do NOT remove 3rd party support

Posted in: Samsung Health

Samsung has decided to eliminate 3rd support except strava. This is not good. A closed ecosystem is like that of apples.I was hoping that Samsung health would allow sync with Google health in future, but you need to download another app to sync data ...

Posted by: Bing
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Samsung Health Camera Feature

Posted in: Samsung Health

Wasn't there an announcement once, about being able to take a picture of your food with a Samsung device and being able to give or take the amount of calories in it. To enter it into your Samsung Health app or something like that?

Floors tracking

Posted in: Samsung Health

Anyone have issues with the number of floors you've climbed. My Frontier keeps telling me I climbed 60-80 floors, sometimes after I just got out of bed. Oh yea, I don't sleep walk. Thanks for any help.

Posted by: DS010
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[suggestion] food app

Posted in: Samsung Health

Smoothies should be in their own category as people can add ANYTHING to them. Whenever I report a smoothie I have to enter each food that I add as if I ate each food on it's own. There is no 'generic' smoothie that I know of.


Posted in: Samsung Health

Today's leader supposedly has 2,107,142 steps in 16 days. Not possible. That works out to 131,697 steps per day or about 102 km. There must be some way to keep people honest and make this fair.

Samsung Health App

Posted in: Samsung Health

Too bad I can't add steps. For example, I went for a big walk but forgot my cellphone. Now those steps I did are lost and feels like for nothing. I would really love it if I could add those steps I did into my log in the app!

Posted by: SAB69
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Samsung Health

Posted in: Samsung Health

Samsung Health could use some improvements:1- Add a barcode scanner for food tracking (currently using My Fitness Pal but it's not syncing with Samsung Health)2- Add a workout tracker, so that we could into a workout program and keeps track of our wo...

Posted by: Cprice
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Posted in: Samsung Health

Is there a way to manually enter steps? I use a Fitbit, and I work in a Medical Lab. There are times I cannot have my phone with me, but I always have my Fitbit on. As a result, my step count in Samsung Health's Step Count is always off. I use the Fi...

Posted by: Kovarr
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Steps Challenge

Posted in: Samsung Health

Anyone want to do a steps Challenge with me? πŸ˜„πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

use less

Posted in: Samsung Health

this app does not have the ability to track food, has option but does not work 1 out of 15 foods r actually even in system. You cant even change the numbers in one of the randoms just to try to track so it is useless. If i wanted a guess i can just d...

SLEEP targetting

Posted in: Samsung Health

SLEEP target let's us set ideal bedtime & wake up time. If we hit both targets within 30 minutes we get the good checkmark. But we can't set it per weekday individually. Weekdays I wake up 4:45am by design for my work. But I should be able to target ...


Posted in: Samsung Health

Just a suggestion, a new Longboarding or Skateboarding activity tracker would be a great help. I do it almost all year long, it's a great workout and I know many people who board as well but everyone has to try and find different apps to track the wo...

Posted by: Judes
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