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one ui 2

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On the website it said to open samsung members and you should find the thing for the beta for one ui 2.0 but I'm here and I cant find it (note9)

Posted by: DinoFNM
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Online Checks an Error

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I'm not explore more in this services yet inside this feature, but it might can helps us or who experience problem or an error after updated their system.Samsung Member > Get help > Send Feedback > Always > Send.With this services, it allow on Samsun...

Posted by: Royel
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YT premium 4 months

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Hi all,I just realised that there's a 4 months free membership for selected samsung users. I'm currently using S10 but I don't seem to be able to get 4 months but only 1. Any idea how I can activate this, should I try deactivating and reactiving the ...


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Can yall share the purpose you are here just asking😂 Im here because I like the samsung members share their thought and ideas like wah we are so nice community ah😚. The social media has become toxic lately smh especially Twitter thats why I run her...

Posted by: Carll
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