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Samsung Pay Canada Debit

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Is there any news on if/when debit will be accepted on Samsung Pay for the Gear s3 watch?I bought a Samsung watch with S-Pay in mind and am frustrated that debit isn't supported.

Posted by: Digital
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TD Visa Infinite into Samsung Pay

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Why it says my TD Visa Infinite can't be accepted into my Samsung Pay. I don't have any problem with my Amex. I thought since few months ago Visa cards were accepted as Samsung Pay for TD? Link:

Posted by: bett3r
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Updated Samsung Pay Feature - Simple Pay

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I was reading online and now it is confirmed that the updated samsung pay application would self launch favourite cards when the phone is awake and near a NFC terminal. How this technology works, I have no idea. However if so someone has tested this,...

Posted by: Dayim
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Samsung pay and Cibc contest

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A little bit ago there was a contest for CIBC Cards on Samsung Pay. Every time you used a CIBC card on pay, you got one enter, to win a gear fit I believe. Do we know when the date for the draw was or is there a list of winners somewhere?

Posted by: Habsfan
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Samsung Wallet?

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Ticketmaster allows Apple Wallet and Google Pay to safely park mobile tickets. This is useful for my hockey tickets in particular but it also works for boarding passesSamsung used to have something called Samsung Wallet which performed this task but ...

Posted by: stmax
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Can I use both Samsung and Google pay?

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So BMO works with Google pay and everything else with Samsung pay...ok to use both? Does that even work because Samsung pay is set as my default method so ... Thought I ask cuz it would be good if it's possible.. so am able to use the other cards as ...


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Uploaded payment card too Samsung Pay, when I purchase from Samsung Galaxy theme store, I am asked for payment information again, even though it is registered on Samsung Pay. Is this the proper process, and can it be fixed?