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Samsung pay

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My bank in Canada supports Samsung pay on my phone, but on my new Active 2 watch, only credit cards are supported. Is that correct? And what about my Starbucks card?

Posted by: CrlyGrl
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[Story sharing] About Samaung Pay MST

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Hello all, I know my story is an old news, but it happens to me and want to share about my feelings.I recently changed from Google Pay to Samsung Pay. I do all the same process when purchasing, ie, coffee, lunch...etc. I feel nothing special, just ta...

samsung pay question

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Does samsung pay support local credit card ?Anyone ever tried and added a nation card ?What i mean by local or nation card is that your card is acceptable only in your country.Thanks in advance 😄😄

new app (sorta)

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So samsung pay touch which I mentioned awhile ago here now updated and called samsung POS I mean I get it Samsung, its Point of Sale and that makes sense, but the child ...

Posted by: Habsfan
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Samsung Pay

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Hey Samsung Members. Hopefully everyone's having a GREAT day!!!Does anyone have an idea when Samsung Pay Cash (Virtual Debit Catd) is coming to Canada? Thanks.

Posted by: Zahed
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Samsung Pay beta

Posted in: Samsung Pay a new feature called Samsung pay cash, only works in the USA right now. I really wish Canada w...

Posted by: Habsfan
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Someone is amazed with Samsung Pay

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Lew from Unboxed Therapy (Youtube channel) has switched to the Note 10 plus and seems to have discovered that Samsung Pay can be used on machines that don't use tap. We all know for a while now that we can do it. Watch video here

membership, gift cards and tickets

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Why is Samsung pay lacking what apple wallet has. I miss the feature where I would have my Starbucks card (which Samsung pay doesn't have) in the Wallet app and especially the plane ticket and movie tickets would show up on the Wallet App. I don't un...

Posted by: Baspi
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