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Samsung Pay limit

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I used to be able to use Samsung Pay for purchases over RM250. The terminal would just ask for the PIN after tapping. However recently these terminals just display DO NOT HONOR above RM250. And no PIN entry. Did anybody else experience this?What Citi...

Posted by: Ikkie
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I love contactless payment with Samsung Pay

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One of the tip I have just gotten to know 3 mths ago was that I can actually enter PIN for amt above RM250. I left my CIMB card at home while traveling recently (of all cards!) and thank goodness I had the digital token saved in Samsung Pay! Happy wi...

End of support for Android 6.0

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Dear Users, Please be informed that effective from 3 February 2020, Samsung Pay updates will no longer be available for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). You may, however, continue using the version of Samsung Pay currently installed on your device, taking ...

Posted by: MOD_1

Samsung Pay

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Any of you got face problem when using Samsung Pay? The problem that im facing is when scan to the merchant machine then the whole system of the merchant machine restart...... Been few times facing this problem.....

Kedai Terima Samsung Pay

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Ada sesiapa boleh tambah selain kedai berikut, mana lagi terima pembayaran guna Samsung Pay? Saya dah pernah guna di Kedai Berikut :1. Giant2. Shell (kebiasaannya kalau kata paywave dia tak terima, kalau sebut Samsung Pay baru terima)3. MyNews4. KFC5...