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Samsung points redemption

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Samsung team, What happened to the items for points redemption? The quality had dropped and making it worse, all items sold out . How do you edit me to use my points which date expiring? Trust many members are frustrating as well.Pls do something abo...

Please restock your Rewards

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I have over a thousand points expiring this month and so far I can only redeem Caffe Bene? Can I get 10 vouchers because the nearest Caffee Bene is 350 km. I need allot of coffee to get there and back. Thanks.

Posted by: Bartmp8
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Rewards n Vouchers

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What are the points from samsungpay for?????when there are no rewards to redeem?? Like the old packs..selfie sticks..etc etc...hope samsung marketing team will bring them back for us to redeem.