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Useless Reward

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Sejak kebelakangan ni reward yang ditawarkan utk Samsung Pay Point macam tak berguna langsung. Tolong la perbanyakkan pilihan reward tu. Ini mobile legend punya apa ntah... tak leh buat makan pun.

Less Offer are available!

Posted in: Samsung Rewards

Recently Samsung Rewards is provided less option of choice and very limited offer claims, it is quite disappointed, I personally like more Starbucks to be available for claim and longer period availability so that points will be useful or other shopp...

Samsung points redemption

Posted in: Samsung Rewards

Samsung team, What happened to the items for points redemption? The quality had dropped and making it worse, all items sold out . How do you edit me to use my points which date expiring? Trust many members are frustrating as well.Pls do something abo...