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Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi

Posted in: Smartthings

I'm thinking of buying the smartthings wifi hub, possibly the three pack depending on how ine works. Does anyone have it? How do they like it? I'd love to hear a little review on it from your point of view on how good it is and if it's worth it. At t...

no Bixby button on note 10?👌

Posted in: Bixby

Saw this today on Android athority it's possible that the note 10 won't have a Bixby button, that would be awesome if there is no good more dedicated button for Bixby on Samsung devices 👌👍. Sorry Samsung Bixby can do some neat tricks but it's still...

server error

Posted in: Smartthings

hi there , i cannot add anything to smarthings all i get is server error try again later, i m trying to connect washer. dryer connected no problem also dosent find tv to add both are samsung products. ive tried everything washer gets to 39% then cann...