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S Health steps not syncing with MFP

Posted in: Samsung Health

Since the latest update of S Health a few days ago, the steps are no longer syncing with MFP. Have tried every possible advice on the web (disconnect, connect, force stop, uninstall, restart phone...) but nothing seems to fix it. Anyone has managed t...


Posted in: Bixby

Bixby has a new look. I find it has gotten a lot faster when responding to requests.

Posted by: Simba1
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MST not working on Note 20 Ultra.

Posted in: Samsung Pay

I made a post recently about MST not working with Walmart. Today tried making a purchase using MST at The Home Depot and it too failed. Had to resort to using the physical CC. CC tap is working fine. I am not sure if NFC is interfering with MST since...

Posted by: meep
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