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one ui 2

Posted in: Samsung Members

On the website it said to open samsung members and you should find the thing for the beta for one ui 2.0 but I'm here and I cant find it (note9)

Posted by: DinoFNM
Beginner Level 1

samsung pay, anyone?

Posted in: Samsung Pay

Anyone in Malaysia has been using the Samsung pay? How safe is it? All these years I've been wondering whether to use it or not. Is it REALLY safe from any harm? U know how HARMFUL our world is nowadays.

Bigpay for SamsungPay

Posted in: Samsung Pay

If Samsung enables us to use our BigPay card on SamsungPay more youngsters will use SamsungPay because most of us only have one bankcard and no credit card so please collaborate with Bigpay!!

Posted by: afeefz
Beginner Level 2