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Notification volume

Posted in: Galaxy Note

After setting my Note 10+ on "do not disturb" (either manually or when Bixby routines mutes the phone at midnight) and then turning "do not disturb" off, my volume level for notifications stays at 0 and does not resume its previous setting. As a resu...

Posted by: FrCraig
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Note 8 Display dark color grading issue

Posted in: Galaxy Note

As we can see, those stripes in the screen is color grading issue. This is definitely a software issue. Otherwise it wouldn't be in the screen shot. Why is this? Actions taken from my sides are:1) factory reset.2) 3rd party apps to fix pixels.3) chan...

Posted by: DIV
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contacts list

Posted in: Galaxy A

I have a question, I recently tried to add a new contact beginning with Dr and it only saves it under the letter F which is the 1st letter of the last name of the doctor's name. I have a couple of other Dr's numbers listed and they saved under D but ...

Posted by: ronb11
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