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Powerbot Charging Issues

Posted in: Smartthings

Hey team, I got an issue with my Powerbot. It has been working fine but suddenly the Powerbot will not charge above the first battery bar. The charging animation on the Powerbot screen is still going but it's been days and still charging. The charger...


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I'm trying to connect google assistant to smartthings and it's not working it keeps saying couldn't update the setting update your connection. help!!!

4K Smart TV and streaming content

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Hello all I'm a long time Samsung TV owner and have had CRTs, LCDs, and now have a 4K Smart TV that I use wirelessly on my home network. Typically after about 60-90 minutes of streaming content from a provider such as Netflix, Disney+, or others, the...

Making someone's contact into an app Resolved!

Posted in: Smartthings

I am just wondering if it is possible to make an app icon on the home screen or anything that can link directly to a person's phone number. For example, let's say there is an elderly person who is losing their memory, but is still able to match a fac...

smart things notification icon

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Hi,I have a note 9 and s9+ that just updated to android 10. My son tablet a galaxy tab a 2019 is still on android 9 and has the devices from smart thing in notification are. How can I get that shortcut on android 10?

Posted by: ToddMan
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I don't what happened, but all calls to my cellphone go straight to voicemail. Looking in the settings I can't find anything to help.

Smart View

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**bleep** broken all of a sudden, just asked Samsung about it but dont expect to be replied to. Its a LIE that it only works on a shared wifi network, because I just, JUST, watched an episode of MHA online over my wireless data with the SmartView con...

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