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Nvidia shield smart things dongle ?

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Hello Samsung World, does anyone know if they,ve allowed the smart things dongle for the nvidia shield accessible in Canada yet? Its been up for years in the states. If not does anyone know how to bypass this restriction?

Samsung TV Series 7 Offline

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My samsung smart TV series 7 (UN58RU7100FXZC) kept going offline for no reason. My internet is stable since I have many devices connected except the TV. The current TV firmware is 1303 and that's the latest. My Smartthings software also the most upda...

Posted by: bett3r
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Hey guys

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Can someone help me possibly? I've been connected through smart view to watch programming on my tv and android for well over a year, all the sudden, about an hour ago it dropped and I can't for the life of me reconnect. What am I missing? I've tried ...

Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi

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I'm thinking of buying the smartthings wifi hub, possibly the three pack depending on how ine works. Does anyone have it? How do they like it? I'd love to hear a little review on it from your point of view on how good it is and if it's worth it. At t...

Posted by: Habsfan
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server error

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hi there , i cannot add anything to smarthings all i get is server error try again later, i m trying to connect washer. dryer connected no problem also dosent find tv to add both are samsung products. ive tried everything washer gets to 39% then cann...

Posted by: mikee69
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Connectivity problem

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So I tried to do the latest update on my s10. It refuses to connect to the server when im on my home wifi. When I switched to mobile data, it downloaded the update just fine. Also, I can't connect to my TV when both devices are on same wifi network. ...

TV turns on by itself.

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Good day, for the last few weeks my UHD TV 7 Series has been turning itself on at random times. It usually happens overnight but I have had one or two occasions when it happened during the day. Has anyone else encountered this?

Smartthings suggestion

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HelloSo the button has 3 modes u can assign. One press, double and press and hold. But I think the button can do more. For example, press once every time to cycle through preset scenes. Like sunny, night or movie. This is something Philips hue button...

Posted by: Bing
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