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plume app and smartthings app

Posted in: Smartthings

The app plume from Google play not working can't open the plume app call smartthings customer service told me it's not Samsung its plume and yes plume told me to download apk because Google play store version of plume is old so plume send me a email ...

blocking devices Samsung soundbar N950

Posted in: Smartthings

How do you block other devices on the network to play on your sound bar? I have my uncle and friend randomly playing in my sound bar without my approval? How to you block or deny access? There was no prompt on my phone. I just started hearing sound f...

Posted by: ToddMan
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smartthings voice control upgrade

Posted in: Smartthings

My tv is linked to smartthings yet undetectable to use for voice. Cant be found while linked to google. .. I'd like a smartthings app upgrade so my tv understands starting up an app and voice recognition for certain shows to play.

smartthings app

Posted in: Smartthings

It would be nice if the smartthings app shows the temperature of sensor on the main page with out clicking on the room or device and have widgets to show on main phone screen

smartthings motion sensor

Posted in: Smartthings

Why do almost every single day I have to re-syncSome devices like smartthings Motion sensors goes offline then I have to delete device and factory reset to reinstall device Motion sensor is 3 feet from smartthings hub I add the same issue with smartt...

Philips Hue Bridge and Smartthings

Posted in: Smartthings

Does anyone have a Phillips hue bridge and have it connected with Samsung smartthings? it says you don't need a smasung Hub that you can use the Philli...

Posted by: Habsfan
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Apple TV App

Posted in: Smartthings

Hi, I can’t seem to find the Apple TV app on my Samsung Smart Tv. Model number is UE49MU6500. I’ve tried the smart hub reset and tv is up to date but still can’t find it. I’m based in Ireland btw. Anyone any ideas?

Posted by: Mw2101
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smart view error

Posted in: Smartthings

I have my old tv, a sumsung 65 inch curve, and have recently purchased a newer one, a Samsung uhd 75 inch. For some reason my smart view works perfect with my 65 inch but only connects audio and does now stream video with my new tv. I've tried using ...

Posted by: HarryM
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Powerbot Charging Issues

Posted in: Smartthings

Hey team, I got an issue with my Powerbot. It has been working fine but suddenly the Powerbot will not charge above the first battery bar. The charging animation on the Powerbot screen is still going but it's been days and still charging. The charger...


Posted in: Smartthings

I'm trying to connect google assistant to smartthings and it's not working it keeps saying couldn't update the setting update your connection. help!!!

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