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Smart View

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**bleep** broken all of a sudden, just asked Samsung about it but dont expect to be replied to. Its a LIE that it only works on a shared wifi network, because I just, JUST, watched an episode of MHA online over my wireless data with the SmartView con...

smartthings wifi speedtest

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I am confused about the speedtest that you are able to perform in the plume app. I recently setup my 3 hubs via wired backhaul and it does not appear the speedtest is accurate. Before I wired the hubs it seems the speed test was calculated to the mod...

Problems adding Honeywell TCC Thermostat Resolved!

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I am unable to add my Honeywell TCC thermostat to my smartthings account. I follow the directions: In the SmartThings mobile app: From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device Select Honeywell and touch Thermostat, then select Total...

smart things problem

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Has anyone tried linking Hue Philips lights to Smart Things without Smart Things hub?I am trying to link it but it doesnt pass the authorization page a d it goes to a page with a coding error?I I formed Samsung but havent got an answer.

Connect Soundbar

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I have a Samsung M360 soundbar connected to my 7 Series TV. I'm trying to add my soundbar to the SmartThings app on my phone, but no matter what I try it won't detect the soundbar. The instructions in the app say to push the SPK ADD or NETWORK button...

Samsung Smart bulb

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So Samsung smart light bulb is on sale for about 10.50. Does anyone have one currently? Can I use the smartthings app on my S10+ to control it, or do I have to buy Samsung hub to actually make it work? Anyone have a reviews? Long shot but hopefully s...

Posted by: Habsfan
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Hub v3 setup problem

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Hello, having trouble finishig the setup of my new V3 hub. I get stuck at 72% during "Downloading updates" and light turns solid blue. Already tried a hard restart with the reset button, waiting till the light flicker from green to red, my wifi is go...