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Hello. I am experiencing a very annoying lag when using my Tab E 9.6. Anybody has an idea why? The maintenance on the tab is performed once a week. I also have a Samsung phone and has no lag. So sometimes I use my phone instead of my tablet. Not very practical. Thanks.

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Hey @LaPerleDesMarie,


I may be able to provide some insight on this—if you have the first generation of the Tab E 9.6 that was released in 2015, the processing power is unfortunately going to seem very underwhelming compared to current smartphones.


Depending on how heavy your usage is, this is likely the reason why you are experiencing lag. Many developers nowadays create apps for devices with more robust processing power in mind, so I'm afraid there's no fix for the lag besides upgrading your device.


A little disappointing for sure, but I hope this at least clears things up!