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Using my Tab S5e has been a huge pleasure despite some bugs and too little RAM (why didn't Costco had the 6/128GB model on sale?!). However, as far as mobility goes, it's disappointing to see that I will always need to use the mobile hotspot feature on my mobile phone to use my tablet on the go.

The other LTE tablets in sale here are disappointing. Tab A 8.0 2017, Tab E 8.0, Tab A 10.5... nothing premium since the Tab S2! And all those tablets are so inferior compared to the Tab S5e.

The Tab S5e is available with LTE in other markets. I tried to import one but nobody would ship to Canada.

SM-T727W and SM-T867W. Make it happen!
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I agree with all of your comments and think the samething when a bought my Galaxy Tab S4 256 gigs...It is a nonsense to give less memory than they have in Korea. Canada 4 gigs for 256 gigs tablet Korea 6 gigs for 256 gigs tablet and the Tab S4 is available with LTE in other markets..but not here !