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Tab S6: Super Storage

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The Tab S6 comes with UFS 3.0 storage and F2FS file system for enhanced performance Same as the Note10/+. Better than the S10/e/+. This device is getting better and better

samsung Galaxy tab s4

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Bonjours à tous .Il y a t'il une façon que on puisse profiter de la tablette en lecture video avec le support HDR.Parce que j'ai un Galaxy S8 ( sur youtube . Que je fait une lecture d'une video en HDR . Ou les vidéo qui parvient de ma xbox one x et j...

Posted by: BiDouX
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I need a new tablet? 🤷‍♂️

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Hey all 😊I need a new android tablet that I can hook an hdmi cable to and use smart things and also use carplay? I've looked @ a few, I don't really wanna break the bank 🤦‍♂️Suggestions? Thank yous 😊🤪🙃👍

Posted by: mytech
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ma tablette samsung

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Est ce que ces juste moi ou il y a dautre personne que sa leur arrive, quand je ouvre ma tablette mon wifi ce connect pas automatique et de fois oui comprend rien merci

Posted by: didi777
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Ruined Tab S6 for Canada.

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Come on!!! Why the dullest color again?! The Tab S5e is in 3 colors here, the Tab S4 is in 2 colors... and the S6 is only in boring GRAY?! I wanted to buy the blue one soooooo bad and gift my Tab S5e. At least give us two colors like all the other Ta...