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Tab S7+ update

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First update for the S7+ tablet since I got it bringing it to October 1 so it is basically a month behind with updates just like our phones

Posted by: Ray2
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RIP Tab S4; talk about mistreated

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I want to preface this post with my experience and how it plays into what I am about to share. I got the Tab S4 to go along with my Galaxy S9+ around Black Friday of 2018. They were comparable in cost (around $650 US, baring the keyboard), so I expec...

Galaxy Tab A

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My Tab A wont let me enter my password and when i enter my password, it says to wait 30 seconds, regardless if the password is right, how do i fix this?

Posted by: MrM242
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Why since I have activate Bixby I cannot close my tablet Samsung S5e

Posted by: MD23
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UI 2.5 for Tab S6

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Do you know when Samsung will push UI2.5 for Tab S6 for Canadian customers? I recall reading articles on the internet saying that Samsung will push it in September but I don't have it yet

Posted by: JohnnyK
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One UI 3.0

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Hello, is it possible for me to get the one up beta program on my galaxy Tab s6 lite in Canada?Thanks

Posted by: ReenBoy
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