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best alternative cable ?

Posted in: Tablets

I have a s5e tab. This thing is awesome in every way but Samsung's cable is not long enough for me to use the tablet while charging. Can anyone recommend a compatible fast charging cable this s5e tab?

Posted by: 小Kyo
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Tab S6 landed ... still waiting for the S10e

Posted in: Tablets

Just got the Tab S6 for my mom in. Upgrading her Tab S2. I just learned Smart Switch doesn't work on secondary profiles. Only primary admin account.🙄What I got for her:Screen protector:As expected from Spigen, it's a good classic install of GlastR o...

Posted by: Vic20
Active Level 10

Back of S5e is magnetised

Posted in: Tablets

hi I need help my Galaxy s5e tablet the back of it is magnetised I just picked it up with a metal spoon attached to the back and it would seem the magnetism seems to be at the top centre the right and the bottom centre. It is also magnetise around an...

Tab S 5e book cover keyboard

Posted in: Tablets

I have Book Cover and Book Cover Keyboard for my Tab S5e. The Book Cover gives Sleep/Wake function but Book Cover Keyboard does not give this function. Is it normal or there is something wrong? Does anyone has a Book Cover Keyboard which has Sleep/Wa...

Posted by: Doshu
Beginner Level 2

galaxy tab s6 lite KNOCK ON

Posted in: Tablets

I heard after the update on May.11, I can use KNOCK ON (we can set the tablet to turn the screen on by quickly double-tapping the screen).But Is this only about the SOUTH KOREA?Although I already installed an update,but I can't use this function!!!!

Posted by: gansoo
Beginner Level 2

This is no way in tab s S6 lite

Posted in: Tablets

There 's updates in Korea like S pen function and Wake up devise without physical buttonit means you can use tablet without power botton when you touch the screen twicewhy there is no functuins in Canada updates?it's so uncomportable whenever I use t...

ebooks downloads

Posted in: Tablets

I have downloaded an ebook from the library with Hoopla.I can't find it on my tablet. I want to read itPlease , where is it ?Thank you !

New launching promo for S6 Lite

Posted in: Tablets

Dear Samsung Good afternoon,~ I would like to know any launching TAB S6 LITE promotion for book cover~ I found Asia and other country has promotion to get lower price book cover even free when they reserved purchase s6 lite... please let me know any ...

Posted by: WSP_BW
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Device Resolution lower than advertised

Posted in: Tablets

I have a new Samsung Tab A 8.0. It is advertised as having a resolution of 1280x800. However, when I ran a test app I got an effective resolution of only 961.5 x 600.9. I have seen this kind of behavior with Samsung before and I was always able to co...