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Email Issues

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Hi, I am new here and not too tech advanced, I have set up all the gmail & yahoo accounts on the Gmail app but, my main email account I cannot setup, I have tried everything, even my internet provider couldn't help...I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10....

Repair void

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We all know that with the global situation worldwide, a lot of companies do their best to adapt to it in an effort to protect their customers and their employees.Well, "a lot" excludes Samsung. They closed their service centres which means that it is...

spare nib kit included with new devices

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Included with every new spen compatible smartphone/tablet was a kit with 5 spare nibs (3 white + 2 black). now the kits have only two nibs. In my case, 1 white + 1 gray. The spen had a white nib. I'm talking about a brand new tab s6 (sm-t860). fellow...

android 10 for tab s6 canada

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question for CHMedia and all, why hasn't samsung made available android 10 to canada if it's the same file already released to other countries? also, can I simply flash the AP alone? sammobile shows two different flashing instructions. thanks!

Galaxy Tab

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Hope everyone is doing well.Do you think Samsung should eliminate/stop numbering for their Tablet lineup? For instance they can use: Galaxy Tab Ultra (premium and large version) Galaxy Tab Lite (small and Lite) Just a thought, and I would love it if ...

Posted by: Zahed
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Google Duo and Galaxy Tab S6 not working..

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On my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 why does Google Duo only allow a group call of 8 people and shows the streaming video sideways, but on my Galaxy Tab S2, my Samsung A50 phone and my wife's iPad, it allows a group call of 12 people and the video is the cor...

Posted by: dlsijon
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how to generate system info file

Posted in: Tablets

I have a tabA tablet of 2019 with all updates installed. Is there any way to generate a system info file for troubleshooting issues.I know about settings - about device, but I want more info than what that shows.

Posted by: gsum
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Resolved!

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Anyone know when it's out and the pricing? They should have put an AMOLED screen on it but am still gonna buy it anyway. I want a tablet with an s-pen and good enough performance and not expensive. Not those cheap Tab A ones though.

Your take on Tab S6

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Looking for recommendations, your experience. Thinking of getting one. Either that or iPad pro? I heard the keyboard isn't the best.. but couldn't find much info on that. Appreciate it. Main uses will be to work with Ms office 365 for work so many ap...


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Since a couple of days my tablets keeps saying that I ve reach my data limit but it use to be always on the wi-fii and looks like they are both on dont what happened but never I had any data problem for the last 2 years and suddenly I do please help ...

Samsung Members Mise à jour

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Avant la Pandémie du covid19 nous avons eu la pandémie du partage d'informations mais surtout à l'avantage des compagnies et ça continue toujours non seulement ça continue mais ça devient pire car je ne peux pas mettre à jour le Samsung members sauf ...

Posted by: manly
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Outlook Crashing on Samsung Tablets

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For the past week, we have been seeing issues with Outlook Crashing on our Tablets. It seems to be only on tablets and have not reproduced it on a Phone. The tablets we are using at work are the Tab A 8.0 and I have a personal Tab S6. Outlook crashin...

The next LTE Tablet is actually decent

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Soon, the successor to the Tab A 8.0 2019 LTE will be released. Technically, that was the Tab A 2017 Lite LTE. Anyway, the new model will cost roughly the same and will bring incredibly significant upgrades. No, that's not sarcasm. I genuinely mean t...