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screen recording

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Is there any way to record the zoom meeting including the internal audio? Third party apps can only record the screen but not the audio. For samsung galaxy tab A what apps is recommended? Thanks

No Galaxy Themes on a tablet

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I want to try themes for my tablet, but there is no app "Galaxy Themes" on Samsung tablets. I tried to install an apk, and it won't let me get permission for 2 things. I really want Galaxy Themes on tablets, and I'm talking to YOU Samsung. Bring Gala...

palm swipe to capture Resolved!

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Help me please it's not working my hand swipe into left or right to capture the screen shot, how can i fix this and i already set to the settings...!

Galaxy Tab S4 Unusual Heating Problem

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My Tab S4 heated up quickly at the back upper portion left side near the volume control, especially when I am using internet (wifi). Can you tell why and how to solve this problem? I am very worried about it that this might gone worsed. This Tab was ...

Posted by: ArCamz
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Tab S6 Drawing Apps

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Hey guys! I have a Tab S6 but I don't know which drawing or sketching apps are good to use with it. I'm a beginner when it comes to sketching so I'd prefer beginner-friendly apps :)TIA!

Posted by: anadea
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Seamlessly connect your Galaxy Tab S6 Resolved!

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Dear Samsung Members, Sync up to an ecosystem that lets your devices work seamlessly together right out of the box. Turn your Galaxy Tab S6 into a control hub for your other devices and take your content with you. Keep life going with a single Samsun...