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add new and free themes to main page

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Ever since the themes updated it got rid of the main page where you could see new themes. I liked seeing new and especially ones that are free. Please bring a section where you can see new/free themes it's so hard to search for new and free ones

Themes not downloading

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Anyone else having trouble downloading themes? They keep timing out. I've cleared cache and data on the Galaxy Themes app and it still won't download.

Posted by: Theene
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Samsung music update **bleep**!

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This new update is terrible, and I don't know why they did it. The app was basically perfect before, it had a nice dark theme, good text colors and was nice to look at in general. Now it is blindingly bright and hard to read, and since they don't all...

help or advice

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What are some tips or advice that anyone can give me to make my phone more cooler different wit extra special features n stuff to make my phone more interesting and helpful


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Is there a way to install .tff files to use custom fonts? Or is there a way to request one to be added to the galaxy store? I'd really like to use the Stonehenge font...

Posted by: MGMario
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Since the update I am unable to read my text messages. The text bubble is white and the text color also white and I see no way to change the color scheme. I changes the theme for the phone and wallpaper and nothing works. I have to have people contac...

Icon Frames on Apps on Home Screen

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As was previously featured in the Samsung OS, it would be greatly appreciated if it was possible to disable the icon frames on apps that don't conform to the shape of others. This feature offered further personalisation of one's home screen without t...

I hate the galaxy themes update

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Galaxy theme store recently did an update and before there was a section where it had new stuff on a daily basis, and now I can't find any new wallpapers or themes. The new layout is nice and all but please bring back the section where you could look...

Update the High Contrast Theme II

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That theme unfortunately doesn't work properly on Android P. But please, DON'T CHANGE THE ICONS!!! Add new ones but don't change the present icons to the awful Android P ones. This theme is a theme made by Samsung.Also please revert the 14-days trial...