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My filters on the Note20ultra camera!

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I like this My filters feature! Took a live focus pic and extracted the lighter colors for a filter look, not half bad at all! Add some spot correction and got those leaves to look cool!Original at the top and filtered is the second image.

Nice Photo

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I love lots of secret photos, and one way I does that is: show your camera to the person or object you wanna take a secret photo of and move the camera in another position or on, to another object and take the new object photo....the previous object ...

Posted by: SrMonk
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samsung Galaxy note 10+ dual camera folders

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Hello there... I have a technical question that I don't seem to be able to fix... I have 2 camera folders that appears in my file folders when taking pictures. If i delete a picture from any of the 2 folders ... it deletes the picture in both folders...

Posted by: JMIKE
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Blu Ray Remote

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Does anyone know of an app that controls a Blu Ray player via WiFi, not IR. I do not have Sumsung TV. Thank you.

Posted by: DJA1969
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Helpppp lol

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Hey folks, was wondering if anyone can help. When I take close up food pics the camera on my s20 ultra blurs out whatever it's not focused on (I hate that), anyone know how I can get it to stop doing that please. Your help is appreciated. Picture bel...

Staying Motivated

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Hello Samsung community..staying positive & interacting knowing few just being a magi shapeshift..more about #GoddessOfLightMetamorphmagicreation @🔮💜💪Another day .....


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The first thing to do is ..Look for a background And then some object like in the photo. Something interesting. This photos it was taken In broad daylight, I hope that you enjoyed it.

4 Best Samsung Galaxy M20 Camera Tips and Tricks

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Lately, Samsung has been experimenting a lot with phone cameras. After the first quad-camera gig on the Galaxy A9, Samsung brought a three-camera module on the Galaxy A7 2018. Freshly joining the club is the Samsung Galaxy M20 with an ultra wide-angl...

#membermondays samsung pay

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Is samsung working on getting more bank support for its samsung pay? e.g. TD bank BMO and more.I love to use samsung pay as it is supported everywhere due to its MST tech but only card I have that supported is Amex. Visa and Mastercard have more supp...

Posted by: Jmak
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Be the change that you want to see!

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Life will change dramatically when you have more self-respect, self-control, self-help yourself but none of that will unless you always remember to love yourself first & never feel bad for putting yourself first❤!

Posted by: Cassym
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