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Self portrait

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I know I am no artist, but this is just a little doodle of myself as an entry to the contest. Done on my note 8.

Kyoto S9+

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Some shots in Kyoto, I just used the standard photo setting but I really like the images that come from it

Bali S9+

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Here are some pics in Bali. All were shot in Pro mode to take advantage of the dynamic range

In Bali

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I took so many pictures of monkeys, i just put the camera on burst mode but the last one of the rice paddies was shot using Pro mode, it's a game changer

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful moms, pet moms and people who fill this Role! This weekend in Ottawa, we celebrate the beauty of Tulips! #tulipfestival

Posted by: CeeKay
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Vacation pics with the S9+

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first 2 pics are just with the auto setting but the second one was shot in pro then I edited the colours then the last one I used the very under rated panorama setting. I really like these settings