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Hey guys, I know this post is wayyy overdue, and I apologize to everyone in the community. I have been extremely busy with work as most of you know I work two jobs
(3 technically if you consider skip the dishes and 4 with my bartending business lol)

 Samsung announced two watches at Galaxy Unpacked in New York a few months ago. The standard 46mm and a new 42mm for those with a slightly smaller wrist. Also, the 42mm came in a new rose gold color. The 46mm has a nice black and silver look to it, which really stands out, a new strap which looks a bit nicer and doesn’t get as dirty.

 Since I also preorderd my Gear, I also got the bonus dual wireless charger, so I can charge my watch and my phone on the same dock at the same. It’s pretty neat! This is how I normally charge my watch. The supplied charger that came with the watch, I probably have only used it few times.

 I have been using the Galaxy watch now for about a month and a half now. I went with the 46mm which was the same size as my Gear S3. The battery life on this watch is simply AMAZING, some weeks I can go a solid week without charging it. It comes with a standard 472 mAh battery. I believe the 42mm watch only comes with a 270 mAh which is a HUGE difference and most definitely noticeable. The Galaxy watch has 1.5 GB of memory and 4 GM of Ram.

 It also has Bixby which is cool, I believe my Gear S3 only had S Voice. It also comes with some new face watches, and I really enjoy the default Tomcat face, I didn’t have to download any additional faces. I use Spotify on my watch regularly, for either listening to music right on my watch or as a controller when I am listening through my phone in my car via Bluetooth. It has some great apps preinstalled, Samsung health works great, it counts all my steps and has a bunch of pre-detected workouts.

I still enjoy using Samsung Pay on my watch (once again Thank you Samsung for finally implementing Samsung pay on the gear devices) it’s just too bad it does not have MST :(

 Another downfall is whenever I receive notifications, it will vibrate, and, on the screen, it will say what the notification is for such as "whatsapp" or "messages” with contact name" and then a blue line will circle around the watch and there is almost a 1-3 second delay before the actual message is delayed. If I am not mistaken, on my Gear S3 whenever my watch vibrated for a notification, I would look at it, and the notification would already be on the screen ready for me to read.

 The last thing which I am not a fan of is wake up gesture. So, when I move my arm or flick my wrist, the watch won’t wake up. You almost have to do a heavy arm movement to wake up the watch, however in a way I guess this is good, because it prevents accidental wake ups which kills the battery. I am also now getting use to either pressing one of the buttons to wake up the device or just slightly spin the bezel and the watch wakes up.

Overall, I am happy with the Galaxy watch, It’s a great device. Overall, I am in love with this watch, although besides the battery, it reminds me a lot of my gear S3. The main reason I upgraded was because as most of you know I just love Samsung THAT much. For those who already have a Gear S3, it may not be worth the upgrade, but for those who have a Gear S2 or older, or no smart watch at all, I highly recommend this watch.

I really wanted to post this before my vacation, as I leave for Jamaica this Friday!! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
I can't wait to take some amazing pictures and I will be sure to share them with the community.

Thanks again everyone for everything you do!





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nice review and loads of information... but as you said I will stick with my gear S3
Thank you @SnowCat19 for your in depth review!
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Great review! Have fun in Jamaica 🇯🇲
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Have fun in Jamaica! Couple of co-workers leave for their tomorrow as well 🇯🇲🍁🔥😤💨
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I purchased the watch last Wednesday so I'm putting it through the paces to ensure that I like and will keep it.

A couple of things off the bat:
1. Samsung Pay only accepts credit cards in Canada right now so I hope that that will change.
2. Like the Samsung phone, NFC automatically turns on when you enter Samsung Pay. However UNLIKE the phone it does not turn back off automatically but stays on. I hope that this will also be addressed.