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Samsung Quick Minute!

This week we are talking about all things Wearables! Today, we are simply going to look at how to connect your Galaxy Wearable with your phone! 

To do this, simply Download the Samsung Wearables app (formally known as the Samsung Gear app) and then turn on Bluetooth. From there select your device and allow the pairing process to begin, after the pairing process is complete comes the fun stuff, Customization!

You can now from the app download apps and watch faces for your Wearable and trust me once you experience the flexibility of having a different watch face as soon as you want, you will indeed change the face daily! It's amazing! I recommend the Modern Utility face! 

Anyways, just a quick heads up for new Wearable users! Hope you enjoy your new amazing Wearable! And for the expert Wearable users in the community (looking at you @Cprice!) Give some Watch faces to try out! 

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The app basically shows... you... all this...
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What's the point of these Quick Minutes lol there's enough info online to not have to spam useless stuff on here on top of it. If someone has a question, let them just ask it...