Beginner Level 2

I've seen many complaints about the missing bezel on the new Galaxy watches. 

However Samsung can really make a difference in the market by implementing a virtual bezel. 

This will be a lot more flexible than the physical, can be visible or hidden, and can even have some motion energy so you can spin it,. You may even add some haptic feedback to enhance the feeling. Everything can be configurable and relative to the situation. 

Remember how some of the first iPhone customers sat scrolling up and down, just because of the fantastic feeling of it. How fidget spinners were a big thing recently, for stress relief. Samsung should aim to make a bezel on their smart watches the next fidget item.


Even if this is implemented less than magic it may still increase the usability of the watch. Smartwatches always have a compromise of sleak and wearable design, and usability for all users, also those with less precision in their fingers. Being able to scroll by a virtual bezel along the edge gives the required distance for sufficient precision (could also be configurable) and keeps the finger away from the content. If this works nicely scrolling to item number 100 can be done in very little time, which is a lot more than what would normally be positioned on the screen.

If scaling is relative to speed, fast movement can quickly take the user to high numbers on short distance. 


There's a lot to suggest on how to use this bezel, but for now I'll just present the basic idea. The point is that you'll get endless options for navigation and fun by having this virtual, and this may be welcome to all those complaining about missing the physical one.