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App suggestion

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Just want to submit a suggestion for Sanmsung wearables like the Samsung active watch... It would be nice to be able to track hot flahes on my watch. I couldn't find an app for that so thought I would use this forum to make the suggestion. Thank you ...

Galaxy Watch over heating

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My Galaxy watch alerted me today that it was overheating and needed to cool dow. Iwork inside so i was only outside maybe 15 mins 22 degrees today cloudy. I never heard of this alert or issue so I was concerned called Samsung they want me to ship it ...

Posted by: RossB
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Ne pas mettre à jour Gear S3 en One UI ?

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J'ai personnellement remarqué une baisse au niveau de la batterie, mais pas à ce point . . .I'est en Polonais mais ça se traduit automatique

Posted by: Joce1
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my galaxy bids cut out during activity

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Every time I go out for a walk or cycle with my phone in my pocket, my buds audio will cutt out very briefly, but its irritating. I have reset the earbuds, my phone and listened on other devices and the problem persists. Plz help, thank you!

gear icon x

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I got my gear icon x as a gift, it was less than a year ago. And my left bud's volume is super low.Any suggestions??

Posted by: ChetanS
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[Suggestion] Heart rate alert

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Hi Samsung, Can we have a function that warn or alert user when the heart rate go higher than a certain bpm? For instance, if I set my heart rate normally should not higher than 120, then if I am sitting and not doing exercise, but my heart rate sudd...

Posted by: Tallman
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Fit Pro2

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My Fit Pro 2 will not turn on or charge and it is less than a year old. I put it on the charger an nothing happens but it gets warm. I have tried charging from a laptop and nothing...

Gears s3 Frontier battery drain..

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Hi, I have Gears s3 forntier and offcourse it is out of warranty now as i was the first one who got that once there were out back in 2016 fall. My problem is it died sudden even it is showing above 50% or more yesterday i used it on battery saving mo...

Posted by: fuzzuy
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Gear IconX 2018 Charging Case

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Hey everyone, so I was on my bike this weekend, and I was listening to my music with my Gear IconX with my charging case in my pocket. After sometime, I realized the charging case fell out of my pocket, and I have no idea where it fell out. Probably ...