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Ask An Expert - Wearables Thread!

Posted in: Wearables

Hey Samsung Members! This is the second installment of "Ask an Expert" - this time its about all things Wearables! The thread will open and we'll go live on October 24(Thursday) from 3-4pm EST! When the thread opens we'll be answering your questions ...

I need help

Posted in: Wearables

My Galaxy buds case has been dying really quickly and I'm looking for a new case I've been on the u.s. Samsung board and they told me to come here to get help they've asked me to send a receipt and to show proof of payment of the case and they were g...

Posted by: Levk
Beginner Level 2

Keyboard Issue on the Bluetooth Edition

Posted in: Wearables

There appears to be a glitch in the latest firmware for the Active 2 Bluetooth model. On certain third party apps the keyboard will not pop up in text fields so you can not enter info. This also cause the apps to hang or freeze at that point in some ...

Galaxy Fit losing connection to phone WHY

Posted in: Wearables

Does anyone know and how to fix why my Galaxy Fit is losing its connection to my Galaxy Phone...both devices software is the most current....universal stalled the wearable gear app and reinstalled....and it's still losing connection to the phone....a...

my earbuds 2019 left side not charging

Posted in: Wearables

My ear buds left side wont charge. I have a peace of paper charging it but. In a different angle it will charge. But when I close the case blanks red light case is fully charged dying now. Because of this problem. Any fixes had them for 2 month now. ...

Step length (Stride) on Gear Fit 2 Pro

Posted in: Wearables

Hi all. Recently I started using Gear Fit 2 Pro. All looks nice, accept stride length when walking inside a shopping mall. Up to now, I was using Samsung Health which calculate walked distance more accurately. ( I think, they are using formula: high ...

Posted by: Jurek
Beginner Level 3

Galaxy Watch Active Update push

Posted in: Wearables

Hey guys,I know that they're trying to push the update out by region, but is there any official word on when the new update (R500XXU1DSK3) will be out for Canada? I haven't found any real information on this and have no clue how well the update is co...

Posted by: AW1228
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Galaxy watch active

Posted in: Wearables

Bonjour, j'ai téléchargé des cadrans gratuit et payant pour ma montre, tous les modèles que j'ai pris, non pas les mêmes couleurs sur ma montre que celles annoncées (le ROSE entre autre) Y a t'il une fonction que je dois faire ou tout simplement que ...

Posted by: Thaly71
Beginner Level 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a dissapointment

Posted in: Wearables

No stress app like the previous model, and no ECG as advertised which is illegal.For $300-400 this watch better atleast do as ADVERTISED Samsung.They also removed other features from the Samsung Health App such as UVL detection and blood oxygen level...

Posted by: Nemati
Active Level 4

Galaxy Watch 46mm - Canada

Posted in: Wearables

Just got my galaxy watch 46mm in Canada.Running Tizzen 4.004 and One UI 1.0Checked updates...there are none..searched forums and there is people running Tizzen 4.007 and one UI 1.5Anyone from Canada got the update above? And why is there no update po...

Posted by: Dejan
Beginner Level 2