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Ask An Expert - Wearables Thread!

Posted in: Wearables

Hey Samsung Members! This is the second installment of "Ask an Expert" - this time its about all things Wearables! The thread will open and we'll go live on October 24(Thursday) from 3-4pm EST! When the thread opens we'll be answering your questions ...

Galaxy watch Active 2 LTE, no update

Posted in: Wearables

10 months ago I bought a Galaxy Active 2 LTE (SM-R825F), I haven't received any update, I'm still with Tizen since day one! I'm not using LTE as it's not offered by my service provider. Is it required to activate LTE to receive updates? Is it...

Posted by: Olicath
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Galaxy Bud Issues Resolved!

Posted in: Wearables

Hello. I am having issues with my Galaxy Buds. I have small ears and I noticed a small sore area on the outer edge of my right ear. I have discontinued using them for the time being. Am I doing anything wrong with proper insertion of the buds?

Posted by: oneto12
Active Level 1

active 2 step count

Posted in: Wearables

Is there a way to have exercises counted as steps on the active 2 watch.Even if I select walking or treadmill the steps are never counted.Thanks for your help.

Active 2 issues after update

Posted in: Wearables

I'm not sure if anyone else has even noticed this or not but after the last 2 updates, the Workout manual Bike Mode has changed significantly! Before the update, the voice announcement use to be louder, it use to announce how many total miles complet...

Galaxy fit 2

Posted in: Wearables

I just ordered Galaxy fit 2 which is so cheaper, only 80 Canadian dollars, just waiting for my order to be arrived, then I will share my experiences.

Posted by: Cibi
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GW3 is $169.00 right now at Samsung.com

Posted in: Wearables

In the US after trading a Gear S3. On the Canadian website the same transaction would be $510. US site is giving $200 US for the Gear S3 but the Canada site is giving $35 for the Gear S3.As I posted before the same sh-t happened on the S20 FE preorde...

Posted by: stmax
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Posted in: Wearables

When is the BMW Connected app going to be available in Canada and what's preventing it?

Posted by: Nailz71
Beginner Level 2

Galaxy buds live

Posted in: Wearables

Wondering if anyone is having connection issues since the last Firmware update? My Galaxy Buds live keep disconnecting from my computer and automatically connecting to my neighbour's TV or some other device. I never had an issue until I installed the...

Posted by: Kj987
Beginner Level 2

Galaxy watch LTE requirements Resolved!

Posted in: Wearables

Hi all!I just found a deal on a refurbished galaxy watch LTE for $200. I've been wanting to replace my gear s3 frontier which is starting to show it's age. I'm a little in the dark regarding LTE models so I was hoping to ask some questions to the com...

Samsung Active Watch

Posted in: Wearables

Ok I have something I have to get off my chest. Samsung **bleep** and is **bleep** me off. I just bough a Samsung watch active which is running tizen os 4. The active 2 that came out 6 months after the original active watch came out is running tizen ...

Im leaving samsung!

Posted in: Wearables

This is rediculous. I have supported samsung for so long and they never support devices. The most ive ever gotten is 1 update. Apple gives their phones 4 updates. Samsung you **bleep** and need to support atleaset 1 year old devices. And when is the ...