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Ask An Expert - Wearables Thread!

Posted in: Wearables

Hey Samsung Members! This is the second installment of "Ask an Expert" - this time its about all things Wearables! The thread will open and we'll go live on October 24(Thursday) from 3-4pm EST! When the thread opens we'll be answering your questions ...

smart lock

Posted in: Wearables

Since Dec 1, update the smart lock feature does not work consistantly. I have a Galaxy S10 plus and a Galaxy Watch Active 2. Yesterday, smart unlock failed 5 times.

Galaxy Watch - Wake Up Setting

Posted in: Wearables

Hi everyone,Hope you are having an awesome day! Smiling_FaceI came up with a question todat that I thought would be so useful.Is there any way to set you watch to track the time when you fall asleep and then wake you up after let say 8 hours?Thank yo...

Posted by: Ulkinos
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galaxy fit e !!

Posted in: Wearables

I was thinking of getting the galaxy fit e as a secondary wearable but I have mixed feelings about the device. So my question is for those who own one. How and the experience been ? Would you recommend ?

gear sport doesn't charge 100%

Posted in: Wearables

After 90% charge, using original charger and dock, at random % it charges and stop loop. Sometime it doesn't charge anymore and red light on dock keeps flashing.Is the battery dying?

Posted by: Bing
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galaxy watch 46 firmware downgradeable

Posted in: Wearables

Has anyone had any luck with this? I've been digging around and I can't seem to find any information. I kinda hate 1.5 it's not worth the lost in battery for such useless features that I don't use.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: vape
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reporting errors with wearables

Posted in: Wearables

Why bother we as customers have been telling you issues with software for over 6 months and nothing is being done about it. So everything you say means nothing until we actually see something being done over 6 months and waiting for issues to be fixe...

Posted by: RossB
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Gear S2 R720

Posted in: Wearables

Hello guys My Gear S2 R720 has been freezed Eu tb initial screen "SAMSUNG GEAR S2" matter my action, it continue freezed on this screen since hard / soft rebooting. I also tried a firmware download by Odin, with success, but the issue continues....

GPS on galaxy watch active 2

Posted in: Wearables

Hi, I'm using the samsung galaxy watch active 2 for my running, but the GSP system isn't accurate. I was wondering if it's because the GSP is active on my cell phone AND on my watch. What is the best way to use the watch for sports like running ??? W...

Posted by: Mary9
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Touchpad issue - Gear Icon X 2018

Posted in: Wearables

I've been using my Gear Icon X for about 8 months now with no issues. Now I'm experiencing this weird issue with the left earbud when I put it on. It seems the touchpad on the left earbud keeps going off and scrolling through the different functions,...

Galaxy watch updates

Posted in: Wearables

I can't believe it. I have has a Galaxy watch and s9 phone for awhile Now. I recently traded my phone off for another popular brand which supports the Galaxy watch with apps on there is. Guess what, all update issue are more the watch battery lasts l...

Posted by: Bradls
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galaxy watch 42mm

Posted in: Wearables

My battery has been draining fast ( about 18 hours per charge) I used to get days with one charge.Happening since the latest update .Any ideas how to lengthen the battery

Posted by: tharper
Beginner Level 2