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Samsung apps cannot update on Galaxy Watch

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Samsung Health, Weather Music App cannot update on my Galaxy Watch from Galaxy Store. transferring to phone - 100%, then stuck on installing forever, I'm using S10.Already tried resetting phone and watch, no helpWatch's issue or the phone ?When insta...

Galaxy Buds - Bluetooth priority

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Hi, so I bought the buds today and I noticed one thing very annoying i.e. if my buds are connected to my galaxy (nothing playing) and I switch on my laptop (nothing playing here as well) then my buds automatically switch from my phone to my laptop.Is...

Posted by: AHKhan
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battery drainage

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My Galaxy watch is 13 months old and once I charge it and it shows 100%, i will get about 36 hours out of the battery. It use to go for 4 or 5 days ....... Has anyone had this issue, as i am 1 month out of warranty....

Posted by: Doerby
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smart watch good night mode

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In recent update night mode is automatically turned on when falling asleep.This versus manually turning it off give me an extra day of battery life. Kindly add feature so I can select say 12am to 8am good night mode to automatically turn on.This will...

Posted by: Bing
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Galaxy watch not updating.

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I just got my Galaxy watch gen 1 in Nowvember, but now if there is updates to the apps the watch wont take them. It will try to update then disconnect from the phone and i will have to try again. I have tried disconnecting, wiping, unpairing, even un...

Posted by: Garion
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Samsung gear

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I'm having a problem syncing my sleep only. Everything else seems to be ok. What can I do to fix it? Or is it Samsung healths end that has to fix it? Its annoying.


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Hi, I have a Galaxy Gear S2... I tried to install the samspung pay app but I just can't, the app doesn't appear on the Galaxy Store.There is anyone know why?

Galaxy watch APPs NOT UPDATING!!!!!

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My Galaxy watch 5857 wont install any updates for apps even after I did a hard reset by holding the power button down and double tapping power as the watch said rebooting. It reset the watch, and then I restored from my backup and the apps from the g...

Not Pairing

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Is anyone else having an issue since the last update where wearable aren't connecting. I have an S10+ and Gear S3 and I can't pair the watch to the app anymore. I just hangs on the pairing sequence for hours.

problem with my "galaxy buds" D:

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Hello Samsung community wanted to know if someone else happens that the "buds" a hearing aid is heard lower than the other? In my case everything was fine but one day I noticed that the right is heard lower, that did not happen when I bought them jus...

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

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Just some advice on this watch. DO NOT BUY IT! If you're looking for something to track your health and fitness then this is not the watch for you. This watch over calculates calories burned. In one day it said that I burned over 19,000 calories in o...

The Gear IconXs have Arrived!

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These actually came in a few days ago, but I wanted to take a good picture of them 😂Again, I want to thank @Sabrina for making the switch possible as well helping me track the shipping!As I always want to customize my tech, I also added a skin to th...

Posted by: ZMAHD
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