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Ask An Expert - Wearables Thread!

Posted in: Wearables

Hey Samsung Members! This is the second installment of "Ask an Expert" - this time its about all things Wearables! The thread will open and we'll go live on October 24(Thursday) from 3-4pm EST! When the thread opens we'll be answering your questions ...

Galaxy Buds

Posted in: Wearables

Hello recently I have wanted to buy galaxy buds but I was not sure if it would of worked for my A5 2017 running android 8.0 (oreo) would it be the same or would I lose features beacause it's not running pie.Also I would like to know if it would fit i...

Google assistant on Galaxy Watch

Posted in: Wearables

Just sharing an interesting news. If someone has google home control or big fan of google assistant, this might interest you.

Posted by: Tallman
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Galaxy watch always on is not working

Posted in: Wearables

I have a new Galaxy Watch and in the learning process the always on status was deleted. In the process, always on was turned off and turned back on and turned back on when the button was restored. However it is not working, the watch display will not...

Posted by: Belonj
Beginner Level 2

Galaxy Fit Needs an Automatic Night Mode

Posted in: Wearables

Galaxy Fit needs Night mode:•User will be able to set a time when the brightness of the display will automatically decrease to a user configurable amount.•An option to disable gesture wake up while in the above mentioned Night Mode (don't want the di...

Galaxy Buds range issues..

Posted in: Wearables

I just bought these about two and a half weeks ago and already I'm not happy. they barely get any range no more than 8 feet without having choppy sound. even when my phone is in my pocket and let's say I'm doing something that requires me to crouch d...

Posted by: slurp
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Galaxy Buds Right Ear is Quiet

Posted in: Wearables

So after the last update I have noticed the right bud has become noticeably quiet. I went throught he other forums to find a solution and tried resetting them, enabling dynamic sound, but to no luck. I keep them fairly clean as well so I'm not sure w...

S5e: Cannot create a restricted profile Resolved!

Posted in: Wearables

According to the documentation it should be possible to choose between a normal user and a restricted profile after tapping on "Add user or profile". However, on my Tab S5e I cannot choose. The tab immediately creates a new (unrestricted) user withou...

Posted by: Cassidy
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Galaxy watch turns on while charging

Posted in: Wearables

Hi, I've had my watch for about 7 months now, no issues... but for the past two or three weeks the watch powers on after about 5 seconds on charging dock. I've tried powering down while charging, but it just powers back on after about 10 sec.. Any id...

Posted by: DanDB
Beginner Level 2

Galaxy WatchActive2 LEAK

Posted in: Wearables

The new WatchActive2 has officially leaked! Here's the offical render. I really like it!

Posted by: ZMAHD
Active Level 7

Galaxy Fit

Posted in: Wearables

Left Canada for Europe and bought a Galaxy Fit to wear so i wouldn't chance losing my S3 classic. All I really wanted is to track the abundance of steps i would be doing. Well 4 days into our vacation, the Fit won't change from Eastern Standard Time ...

Posted by: Cokey71
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Samsung Gear S3 gets an update

Posted in: Wearables

New Gear S3 update disables automatic alarm sync with smartphone A new software update has been released for the Gear S3, the first one the watch is receiving after the major One UI update that Samsung pushed out a couple of months ago. The update th...