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Ask An Expert - Wearables Thread!

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Hey Samsung Members! This is the second installment of "Ask an Expert" - this time its about all things Wearables! The thread will open and we'll go live on October 24(Thursday) from 3-4pm EST! When the thread opens we'll be answering your questions ...

Galaxy Watch 2 News!!!

Posted in: Wearables

Exclusive: Galaxy Watch Active 2 features include ECG and Fall Detection We exclusively revealed the very first images of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 soon after confirming that this smartwatch was being developed. We now have some more information abou...

active watch

Posted in: Wearables

I just graduated from grade 8 and I was wondering if I should get a active watch or an Apple Watch for my gift I was wondering if anyone new which one is better. I do have a Samsung Galaxy S8 thankyou

watch getting over heated

Posted in: Wearables

This is twice this crappy watch says it over heating doing nothing its not even warm out. What is going on with Samsung below standards for quality.. there is no reason for this new 2 month old watch to be doing this anyone else having an issue its r...

Posted by: RossB
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Galaxy buds

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Hey everyone, I bought my new galaxy buds and when I tried to call someone through the buds the person on the other side of the call say they cant hear my voice instead they are hearing all other things. I tried to voice record through the buds and i...

Gear sport reboot loop

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I recently went on a short swim in a saltwater pool with my watch on and noticed it was rebooting, after I saw that I decided to go back to shore and dry it off but it kept rebooting until it ran out of battery. Even after connecting it to a new char...

[Sharing] Real life & ideal - Galaxy Watch

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Hi all, just want to share this real life story for all watch owners. I know some users may already setup security on their watch. But something happened, then realised that I can only rely on LUCK.Okay, yesterday, we went to a lake with lots of peop...

Posted by: Tallman
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Lost watch faces

Posted in: Wearables

I previously purchased watch faces for my Galaxy Gear fit2, but when I upgraded my phone months ago I lost them all. They are no longer ava. for purchase and I am out money and my favourite watch faces. Please help.

Galaxy Watch some apps not updating

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Since May 28 the Samsung Health update won't install to my 46mm Galaxy Watch (LTE) and now the new Gear Music and Here WeGo apps are doing the same thing. They stay stuck on "transferring to watch" or "installing" and I've left it for 30 minutes and ...

Galaxy Watch Active 2

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Breaking: This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2! We recently revealed that Samsung is working on the Galaxy Watch Active 2, just four months after the first one was made official, and now we have pictures of the new smartwatch in the flesh. When ...

calcul nombre d'étages

Posted in: Wearables

Allo quel qu'un a le même problème que moi. Cella semble être depuit la nouvelle mise a jour du 12 juin 2019. Le nombre de d'étages monté ne correspondent pas a la réalité .Je fais environs 6 a 10 etages par jours. Et la montre en calcule 25 et plus ...

Posted by: dédé
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Update Galaxy Buds

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Increase soud quality and phone call

Posted by: Joce1
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Gear s3 battery drain

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Since recent update my gear s3 classic now will last no more than 4 hours before the battery drops to 15%. No solution to this tried rebooting tried draining battery then recharging from 0%.