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Sumali sa aking squad. Kalabanin natin ang pinaka magagaling na manlalaro ng MOBA sa mundo!

Galaxy earbuds+

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Hi, my galaxy eqrbud isn't connecting and is grayed out when I try to connect it to bluetooth with my phone, I have tried resetting the factory option for my earbuds and have updated the software as well but the right one still doesn't work, please h...

Galaxy buds/buds+ microphone

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Hello, so I just found out that this problem is a widespread issue and I hope Samsung will do a patch update to solve this. So my galaxy buds+ microphone only works with calling, it doesn't work with any other 3rd party applications neither they're o...

Posted by: xxMjxx
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Buds Plus

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Help! I my left buds plus is not charging/connecting. I already charged them overnight. Is there any way to fix this? Or I need to go directly to the Service Center? Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Galaxy Buds+ Left Bud not working

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So I got my Galaxy Buds+ today. I was so excited because I loved my OG Galaxy Buds. Unfortunately, when I tried pairing it my phone, the left bud just can't seem to connect.Heard it was a common issue so I looked up some resolutions that worked for o...

Posted by: CeeA
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hiii compatible po ba yung j7 pro sa buds+? naguguluhan po kasi ako. may nakita po ako sabi bluetooth 5 daw po yung need eh sinearch ko po version nito and lumabas po 4 something lang po ata. tas meron naman po sabi parang android 7 and up yung pwede...

My galaxy buds+ mic is not working

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Hello i hope someone can help me but since the first day i bought my buds, i cant use the microphone, if im shooting a video the mic on my phone is the one working and not the mic on my buds, i think my buds mic is broken, can someone help me? Btw im...