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Lack of Motivation During Hard Economic Times

(Topic created on: 07-09-2021 07:02 PM)
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With the current economic crisis that was caused by Covid-19, many lost their motivation to work. When I reflect over the major issues I deal with on a day-to-day basis in my personal life, I have found many issues within myself. None of these issues are as big as the lack of motivation I have in certain areas. The lack of motivation is mainly in the form of looking for work or doing tasks that would help me acquire a position within any company. I find this lack of motivation to actually be holding me back from achieving satisfaction in my personal life.

The main issue is not my lack of wanting to work, but the motivation to find time in which I want to spend doing tasks that will help me achieve my goal. Even after numerous therapy sessions and advice on creating a course of action, I find that motivation eludes my grasp. The lack of motivation was not an issue when I was working because I had a job. Having a job meant that even though I was unhappy I was able to pay my bills and keep food on the table. I thought that having a job was the actual factor that drove my lack of motivation. Since I have been laid-off from my position at my previous company I have found the lack of motivation still continues to persist.

Motivation Information

Information on motivation or specifically motivating one's self is hard to come by if you don't know what it is that you are looking for. My personal search directs me to look for ways to increase my personal feeling of motivation. I need information in how to get excited about looking for work and how to stay the course. What do I do when I go on an interview and get rejected? How do I stay motivated in the face of defeat?

Searching the internet for answers can be a big help in this situation. More specifically looking at a website such as can result in some great articles that can steer you in the right direction. Searching I found several articles that would help me achieve my goal, but only one that offered actual advice on what to do to help increase motivation in my personal life.

The recommendation from on ways to increase ones motivation starts with doing research as with any self help project. The article states that the first step is to brain storm areas in one's life that needs to be improved. Going to a workshop will also help connect to others who are in a similar position. The second part that the article advises is to join a Master Mind Group. These are groups of people who think and have the same interests as the rest of the group. (Robertson, K.)

Evaluating Information

Information from the internet needs to be combed through with a sense of delicacy. Making sure the information is credible can be tricky. I will be utilizing information checkers for online sources that may be in question. Using a Who Is search will allow me to check and make sure the person running the site can be verified as a credible source. Using only information from web sites that can be verified will help me make sure that I am not using information that will be a detriment to solving my issue.
Using trusted sites with a verifiable authentication such as Google and CNN can yield information that can be verified much faster than researching other research sites. One thing I find that helps is listening to motivational speakers as well.

Completing my Research

Once I have finished researching the information, I will use it to help motivate my job search. I will also use the information to build my job search techniques and resume. The gathered information will enable me to take steps in not only increasing my job search, but also in looking at potential opportunities to motivate myself in other areas of life.

Each step in researching the conditions in which motivate and de-motivate a person will help me succeed in my own personal struggle. Finding out the right instance which can help set me up for success is something that is motivation enough to research. Whether the cause of the motivational issue is a health factor or just a lack of finding the task overwhelming, taking the precautionary steps to succeed will allow me to gain knowledge I can use any time I get in a rut.