All Etzel's Badges

Etzel has earned 19 badges!
  • Pioneer
    Earned by 30,535
    Congratulations! You are getting the party started!
  • Explorer
    Earned by 14,854
    You’re one smooth talker.  Thanks for initiating 10 conversations!
  • Sojourner
    Earned by 6,915
    Well done! You’ve opened up 20 conversations!
  • Voyager
    Earned by 26,808
    You’ve got community spirit! Thanks for replying to other members.
  • Collaborator
    Earned by 15,058
    You’re making conversation happen. Thanks for posting 20 replies.
  • Supervisor
    Earned by 8,596
    Congratulations! You’re creating a buzz in the community with 40 replies.
  • Observer
    Earned by 10,667
    Thanks for acknowledging another community member’s contribution. That was nice of you!
  • Admirer
    Earned by 6,715
    Thanks for thanking others 100 times. You’re building community spirit!
  • Astronomer
    Earned by 4,292
    What a nice person you are. We appreciate your appreciation of others.
  • Motivator
    Earned by 36,845
    You’ve been noticed! Someone thinks your post is great!
  • Endeavourer
    Earned by 21,779
    Wow! You’re posting lots of helpful stuff.
  • Lightning Rod
    Lightning Rod
    Earned by 12,438
    Double Wow! People really like your posts.
  • Solution Generator
    Solution Generator
    Earned by 11,160
    You’ve earned this for providing a great answer. Can you do it again?
  • Launcher
    Earned by 1,018
    You really know what you’re talking about, and your answers are good answers.
  • Rocket Booster
    Rocket Booster
    Earned by 643
    Amazing! You’ve answered 30 questions! You rock!
  • #Samsung Within Tripper
    #Samsung Within Tripper
    Earned by 32
    Hooray! You've attended #SamsungWithin 2019.
  • Unpacked Crusader
    Unpacked Crusader
    Earned by 18
    Congratulations! You're a special guest to the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019
  • ★
    Earned by 9
    Way to go! You are a real smart cookie here!
  • Passionate Makers
    Passionate Makers
    Earned by 31
    Wow! You've been the most passionate Galaxy Makers of the month. Keep it up.