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HI have seen a new hidden Bixby Routines taking the advantage of Theater mode from Galaxy Watch 4. 

I would like to propose to the developer of Bixby Routines to have more links between the watch and the phone. 

Some actions can be added:
 1. Change watch face. Watch face can be changed based on different conditions like location, time, workout etc.

 2. Change the complications on the watch faces of Galaxy Watch.

 3. Ability to toggle Always-on-display/Raise wrist to wake/Touch screen to wake of the watch. An example of use case: when I am at work (mostly sitting on a desk), I would like to turn off the Raise wrist to wake automatically. 

Bixby Routines is extremely convenient to use, I hope Samsung will further expanding the functionalities and link it among Samsung devices. An example to link Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500, to have key combo to trigger a Bixby Routines. So much fun to do with Bixby Routines. 

Thank you.