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A big welcome to our new Ambassadors!

(Topic created on: 01-20-2020 10:34 AM)
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Hey Samsung members!


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We are excited to introduce you to our 2 Samsung Ambassadors: SnowCat19 and Cprice!


You may have already seen them in the community as active members who have shown their dedication and assistance to our Samsung Members. As Ambassadors, they are here to help build a strong, friendly, helpful and inclusive community.


Join me in congratulating SnowCat19 and Cprice!

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Congratulations to both you you... 8 know you'll do the community proud
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congratulations to the new ambassadors.
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Thank you so much @Echo1 and @Sam007 and of course @Jeremy!
Really looking forward to creating a stronger and more inclusive community. 

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Glass is always @least 1/2 full when everyone is all in 🙃
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mytech! you are such light!
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Congrats both of you
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Hooourrrray !!!
Congrates for both of you. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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Congrats but I knew they were the most obvious choice to be ambassadors of the brand (since they're absolute fans, which is a compliment)

Now here's a suggestion to improve the community:
1- Remove the spam.
2- Don't erase my comments asking for people to stop spamming when they clearly are. This is really insulting and mildly infuriating. Or at the very least don't do so silently and clearly tell me that I'm not wanted on the community so that I can leave.

And finally an interesting link: https://www.chmultimedia.ca/post/updates
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I thought you were an absolute fan too why aren't you ambassador 😮