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How i set up my home office and unfold the new Galaxy

(Topic created on: 08-12-2021 11:24 AM)
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My short term home office setup:

  • A dedicated space. I occupy one of the room in my Flat and use it as an office.
  • A proper working table. 
  • A good chair with lumbar support, adjustable height and can roll around.
  • Good lighting from the ceiling and windows.
  • 500mbps Fiber broadband internet service.
  • External 24" monitor for better viewing.
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • Laptop stand to work comfortably.
  • Wireless and wired headset for audio or video meeting.
  • Wireless speaker for better sound quality. Listen to music could help releasing stress.
  • Wireless mic in case you need to move around and have better voice quality.
  • Eye drop : for sure your eyes will get tired. This helps.
  • Printer / scanner for you to print or scan the necessary files or documents.
  • Room spray to boost your mood with a good smell.
  • Notepad to take the important notes.
  • Water to helps stay hydrated.

How I Work from home:

  • A dedicated workspace could help me to stay focus and concentrate.
  • Take a break.  Look out the window or at something far away for the eyes, stretch your body, get the fresh air, eat and drink.
  • Interact with people. Staying social. 
  • Dress up. It  gives you a signal to start work.
  • Set a working schedule. Work-life balance approach is important.
  • Exercise regularly. Resistance band is useful.

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Galaxy Unpacked:

  • Z Flip 3  is cool. it is compact to bring around and large for multimedia purpose.
  • Galaxy Watch 4 is another level of smartwatch. It helps to monitor the person activeness.
  • I promote the products in my LinkedIn post. Check it out.
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Hey fellow Samsung laptop user. What model are you on? I am on a Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 15".
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I am not too sure what is the model but i see 550XDA.

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Seems like a notebook plus 2. I imported mine from Korea and loved the S-Pen. Hehe
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I do not have  S pen with me and it is not touchscreen.

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Dun think ur model support spen.