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Thank you samsung flip/fold

(Topic created on: 09-14-2023 09:34 PM)
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After using Samsung mobiles for the past 5-6 years. I took a big step of investing big amount to buy flip 4 as I was amazed by the phone despite the negative comments. why do you make such good designs while we just have to cover the phone with cases making your phone design invisible I tried using the phone without case because your design was good but quality was so bad it led to a dent and costed the trust on your brand. After using for 7 months ,its a common problem in phone that it gets switched off while folding. So now you have reason to avoid the repair done in warranty.

I'm trying to share this everywhere so that I can save people the money they going wasting on in this products

Please don't buy the flips and folds from Samsung. I'm a victim of Samsung z flip 4 which gets switched off after folding and this happened within 7 months and they couldn't resolve it in warranty as the phone body is so week that can make dents easily so that the Samsung can avoid to resolve issue in warranty.

when I tried to reach the decision making department of Samsung to request the management to make repair in warranty as the dent on the phone was so minor that I couldn't even see it, while I contacted the customer care, they understood my request was genuine and immediately transferred my problem to decision making department. so, within span of 8 days they assigned me two service persons who weren't available and kept me waiting for 8 days, and on 8th day some person have called from Samsung and they inform that I have pay for the phone repair. I have lost so much time contacting Samsung customer care to find out the status. If the the decision was no also that was fine by me but you costed me my time which is not fair. What kind of service is this from such a company? the service center guy have told the day I have summited my phone the amount to be paid for the this a trick just to make a customer loose patience and get the customer to pay for repair?

I can't trust Samsung anymore.

Thank you Samsung

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Hello Nanda_3137,

I'm saddened too with your remarks towards the Samsung brand you've loved for the past 6 years due to your unpleasant experience, unexpected low quality and the Samsung Z folding issues that leads you to disbelief. In addition to the lost time when you were trying to contact Samsung customer care to find out the status that eventually takes time. While the kind of service that fell below your expectation. And for all of that, we apologize for the inconvenience they caused you. 

If there are ways I can be more of help to you, I would suggest provide me something a reference # (no personal details) or service order (SO) that I can refer with, in order for me to escalate the matter to a special dedicated team who will handle and ultimately provide solutions similar to your case. Whether it's for approval or not, it's really matter for the sake of transparency and openness towards Samsung valuable customers like you. Surely, all the communications will be sent through your registered email addresses and or registered mobile numbers. We do hope after these experiences, you will still remain. 

I appreciate the time and effort you put in to share your valuable comments. This helps us improve our products, apps, and services towards enhancing the Samsung Galaxy experience for all.